Monday, May 12, 2008

More Adventures in Street Photography

I'm such a Shameless Copier. After seeing the wonderful shot of the Brown Furry Lady, on Hel Looks I had to go & find my own Sydney equivalent. I thought it might be quite hard, seeing as though we don't really have much call for wearing top to toe furs in our sub-tropical climate, but I finally found a Fake Fur Version at my favourite Charity shop, The Wayside Chapel. Her name is Ayesha, & she told everyone in the shop that she worked for twenty years at 'Les Girls', a famous Female Impersonator Revue that is now defunct. I was thrilled when she agreed to have her photo taken with her little dog. As soon as we walked outside the shop for the photo Ayesha turned to one side & turned her gaze upwards, which must be her Good Side. How wonderful to immediately know which side is your best one.
Of course, when I showed the photo to holier-than-thou Mr. Middleaged & told him I was putting it on my blog, he started on with a whole lot of stuff about The Morality of Using Other People's Images For Your Own Purposes. But I soon shut him up by shouting him down .

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