Monday, May 12, 2008

Describe My Personal Random Style Quirky Icons

I'm the sort of person who easily feels left out. So when I see that that the Entire Blogging World are busily 'memeing' each other demanding they write long lists of Random Little-Known Facts about themselves or asking each other to describe their Personal Style & no one memes me, I'm right back there in the playground eating my soggy apple sandwiches alone.
And then I remember that I'm Done with Playing the Victim!
So, I'm going to ask myself to write a list of things about me & my Iconic Style & other Little Known Facts.
I've included yesterday's wardrobe photo as well as a great one I knabbed from Hel Looks, just to make me feel part of a group.
So let's start:
1. Even though I'm middleaged, I really don't have any grey hairs. My hair is still quite blond, & I spray it with 'Sun In' to make it the same colour that's always been. Now that's a Random Fact!
2. I'm adopted & I don't know anything about my father except I think his name might have been Sam Nelson. I imagine that his family may have been Scandinavian. That's maybe why I like Hel Looks so much!
3. I've been making the same quiche recipe since 1979. I've made thousands of quiches & it's my Signature Dish.
4. My guilty pleasure is weighing myself. I know I shouldn't do it, it's only a number etc etc, but I can't stop.
That's four. I'm sure I can think of tons more.


Kasmira said...

I love the dress you're wearing in the top photo!

Personally, I hate memes. They are only one step removed from chain mail. And they are SO unoriginal. And now I'll add "clique-ish" to the list as well. Don't feel left out! It doesn't take a silly meme to give you permission to share whatever you'd like.

lee said...

just to let you know; I love your style and reading your blog:) thanks!