Thursday, May 1, 2008

The First Layer.

One of my fellow flickr wardrobe remixers kindly asked me how do I put my outfits together. Do the jewels & accessories come first, or do the clothes?
To be honest, I don't really know. I just go inside The Engine Room every morning & fumble around until something materialises. Two days a week I'm in a super-rush because I have early morning classes starting at 7.30 am. On the other days when I start later, I have more time to get ready & can try on a number of outfits before the right one for the day appears.
But there is one constant feature of my daily wardrobe that I always wear - The First Layer. I always wear footless tights & a 'Bonds' singlet so that I'm ready for a yoga class at the gym if I get the chance. Here's a photo of me in it. Poor Mr. Middleaged was cajoled into taking it. He thinks I've gone mad. He's probably right.
I've included the Top Layer as well - two different versions of the one dress - a gift from 'Anthropologie' from my best friend Marge. I do love the over-sized puffy sleeves even though it makes me look a bit like Heidi's Mum.
And I had to shove in a detail shot of the 'Picasso' scarf I bought at a local market. I just love it.
It may seem mundane, but I think it's interesting to know how people put their outfits together. It's all part of Life's Rich Tapestry!

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