Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm a Fan

In yesterday's entry, I neatly divided the world up into two groups - Fans & Non-Fans. I definitely fit into the first category. One day v. soon I'll write a blog list of all the Things That I Am a Fan Of which would have to include footless tights, Neil Finn & Persian Feta.
One of my Fan Fetishes is the wearing of brooches. In my view, they look best worn in winter on coat lapels & also when artfully attached to woollen scarves (see photo) So you can imagine my glee that when I was visiting the National Gallery in Canberra last weekend to see the "Turner to Monet" exhibition, I spied this wonderful cow perspex brooch, sensibly priced at $9.95. I couldn't believe it! I am always trawling Art Gallery Shops for interesting trinkets, but usually everything is either too expensive or incredibly twee. I was so excited that I bought two. You can see a close up of the cow on top of a photo of a Sad but Stylish Woman of the forties, Millicent Rogers. Now, she had a brooch collection to die for!
I'm photographed at the Sydney Art Gallery next to one of my favourite Australian paintings, 'The Sock Knitter', by Grace Cossington Smith. Everything I've got on, including the shoes & the two bags but except the Cow Brooch was thrifted. Some people would not consider that to be anything to brag about. But you see, I'm a Fan of Thrifting.

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Jenny said...

Apropos of cultural enrichment, have been through the SWF program and found quite a few sessions that should keep you awake. Not sure if you'll be in town or at the beachouse for weekend 24/25. Further conversations to be had. Thanks for entertaining afternoon catching up on wardrobe/blog.