Saturday, April 4, 2009

Debbie Harry in her Middle Years.

You may wonder who the Old Dame is above. It's Certainly Not Me.
 I stole the picture from The Sartorialist
I was attracted to it for a couple of reasons:
1. She is Old. And how often do we see Old Fashionable Women, except of course on this blog?
2. I sort of like what she is wearing although she does remind me of one of the suspects or perhaps the victim in a David Suchet version of Agatha Christie's Poirot which is set always in 1936. You know, Lady Honoria Entwhistle, an eccentric dowager, who was found dead in her bed from strychnine poisoning.  

Here's Me Below. I'm nothing like The Old Dame who, by the way has finger waves in her hair which of course is Totally Poirot, so I'm right . But I bet she wouldn't like to be considered a Period Piece. But maybe she doesn't give a Rats.
I think Old Finger Waves owns a fashionable boutique in Milan. In the photo I've just finished teaching a lesson about Jane Austen's 'Emma'. We couldn't live more different lives. But maybe not. Maybe she reads Jane in the translation, although I couldn't imagine what reading it Italian would be like. 

You know, I've been writing this blog entry on & off now for nearly two days.  Make that three. I'm not sure why. Normally I just sit down & it all comes pouring out of me like warm custard. 

OMG.....  that's it. Maybe I have Officially Nothing Left  to Say. I'm like one half of those Tired Old Couples that you see in restaurants sitting forlornly sipping wine & chewing out of the side of their  mouths whilst looking off  into the distance. And not saying a thing to each other. When I was young, I was convinced that every restaurant in the world had to have at least one of these couples  at any given time. It was the rule. You know, like the rule that no matter where you work, there's always got to be At Least One Really Barking Mad Person working with you besides yourself. 

I think I need a holiday, which is really convenient because Term One will be over in three days (its' now Monday, even though the blog post probably says saturday) School will be shut for two & a half weeks. Unlike last hols when I went into a panic because I thought I would drown in my Own Miserable Thoughts, I'm looking forward to this one. 
So, I am going to go on a Blog Holiday beginning on Good Friday. And I will return two weeks after that. I wonder if I will have any readers left? 
Oh well, as Stupid Scarlett O'Hara said, 'I'll worry about that tomorrow'.

Oh, I don't seem to have run out of things to say at all.  Funny that.
Look below at my newly thrifted Bally metallic blue pumps. I couldn't be More Thrilled. I paid fifteen bucks for them. And you may well say - 'Yuk.... I wouldn't pay fifty cents for them'.
 I like to think that the blue is the same blue in the coat of The Finger Wave Dame. See how I'm nicely tidying up this post, creating links back to the beginning?
Tonight I'm going to a Lucinda Williams Concert. The owners of 'Zinc', my local cafe are  kindly taking me. And we're sitting in the front row. I can't wait to wear these shoes because I'm sure they'll provide me with the Slightly Slutty Look that a Rock Concert demands. I'll pretend I'm Debbie Harry in her Middle Years.


see you there! said...

You are funny! I think I might resemble Old Finger Wave - anyhow I have a denim skirt on today and I think that's what is peeking out from under her coat.

Two weeks? EEP! You'd better have lots to tell when you get back missy!


Sheila said...

Ooh, I love Lucinda Williams - she is so raunchy and real. Love her.

I love reading your rambles, Sue. Don't ever stop. :)

janavi said...

Bally shoes for $15 !!!!!! What a find.
Are u going anywhere during your Holiday?? Have fun!

Della Street Dreaming said...

No staying home Janavi! But maybe going to see my daughter in Canberra which is about three hours drive.

Sonya said...

well, frankly, what's slutty about them? They have to be "edgy" and quasi Punk/Frederick's of Hollywood to be "slutty" - which is pointy toed and spike healed!!! However, they are nice and dignified, now don't throw them away...good for school functions...that sort of thing... ;-)