Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sartorialst Hits Sydney & Doesn't Take My Photo

The Sartorialist is in town. Do I have to go through who or what he is or what?
Let me summarise in as few words as possible: Scot Schumann is Possibly a short man (not that I think tiny men have power issues or anything) who rules over the world's most popular street fashion blog. He takes photos of lots of Middleaged & even Slightly Elderly Men who wear dapper  bespoke clothes that can look, a little, dare I say, Silly. Then he takes photos of Fashion Insiders of both genders generally smoking outside some Exclusive Fashion Event, like 'the tents' during NY Fashion Week or Paris or Milan or even Sao Paulo. Honestly, You can bet your bottom dollar that at any given week it's  'Fashion Week' somewhere in the world. I was hoping that because of the 'Economical Downturn' (a phrase used by one of my twelve year old students) that 'Fashion Week' might be shelved in favour of 'Thrift Week', but no such luck.
Here in Sydney & of course Melbourne, which is really the Home of Australian Style it's Fashion Week, so He's Here.
That's a Long Summary. But let me assure you, Every Word was Needed.
So, Scot & his camera positioned himself in probably the daggiest parts of Sydney - near the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge. Here's a photo showcasing one of his most popular looks - Towering Inferno Shoes & Big Black Statement Bag. 
Meanwhile, in another part of Sydney Harbour, I was slaving over a Hot Whiteboard even though only yesterday I was at home sick with a Mild Case of Pig Flu.
In the photo, I'm struggling to find some poor student's work that I can't find because I'm really thinking about the wonderful Toy Chanel Quilted Handbag on the desk that my friend & colleague, Princess Pip just bought back from a Place that Makes Them . 
What is it about Me & Toy Chanel Bags? What do they mean, I wonder?
Don't ponder too hard because I'd like you to click on the image of me standing next to the board. Next, enlarge it so you can see the wonderful Faux Sixties Op Art pattern on my newly-thrifted coat dress. 
Sadly, I know that even if I was walking past The Sartorialist, he wouldn't stop me & ask for my photo. So, I'll just have to keep getting my students or me to do it instead. 
There's always a way around everything.


see you there! said...

I look at Sart's blog, I like your pop art coat dress, the quilted bag not so much. What I really want to discuss tho is "The Hierachy of Men". Must have been an interesting class.


Sonya said...

the local news recently showed a bunch of discount accessories stores in Atlanta getting busted for selling faux Chanel and other designer items which looked so gorgeous-they confiscated all merchandise and I said, "DAMN!" cause that's pretty much what I could afford these days...the "toy" stuff as you say... ;-)

janavi said...

I like the I LOve NY bag the best. As for Scott- he did a photoshoot for Gap & was raving about the star photographer & stylist he worked with.Well I have worked with that stylist a lot & he is an abusive bully. I made a comment " did you notice how abusive so & so was to his asst's? He didn't publish the comment!

Mervat said...

My excuse for not being snapped by The Sartorialist is that I have been in bed most of the week (recent surgery) and my place of residence is 70km from Sydney! Oh Sue, you would've done Sydney proud!

Welcome were missed.

Toffeenose said...

The reason he's down at the daggy end of Sydney is that's where Australian fashion week is being head to the Rocks to be snapped!