Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh God.
I had it all planned that I'd Burst Back into the Blogosphere with a Magnificent Post, full of verve & panache. Funny, breezy, ascerbic, with just a little touch of The Brave Martyr, like Joan Crawford, perhaps in 'Mildred Pearce', (one of my favourite films by the way)  lightly carrying the emotional weight of the world on my ample shoulder pads.
Instead I got sick.
I'm not kidding, I thought that I'd got Pig Flu. Last night as I lay in bed tossing & turning, boiling hot & then unexpectedly icy cold, I racked my brain as to where I could have contracted it. I certainly hadn't been to Mexico. 
When I woke up this morning, I seemed to have worsened. It was the first day back at school after our holiday. How could I stand in front of the whiteboard with Pig Flu? It would be Too Irresponsible. 
So I rang in sick. 
I went back to bed & wondered what to do next. For a while I listened to 'Mindfulness', an audiobook by some fabulous spiritual teacher called Jon Kabat-Zinn. The earphones made my earache worse, so I stopped listening. 
Then I got up & had two aspirin & three thousand milligrams of Vitamin C. And I've been doing that every four hours for the whole day.
 My answer to everything is Vitamin C. Never mind that I could be killing my kidneys. A small price to pay for not having Pig Flu.
And now it's Night & I'm feeling Slightly Better. 
So, I'm going back to bed to listen to more audiobooks. I've ditched Jon Kabat-Zinn for Lynne Mc Taggart who I discovered on Oprah's 'Soul Series' radio programme. Lynne is going to talk to me about how we live in this silly Newtonian Universe when really we should be living in a Quantum One. I'm quite interested & find her no nonsense confident American voice quite soothing. Just what my Pig Flu needs.
I've got sooo many pictures of my amazing thrifted finds from 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' to show you.  Sooo... stick around


see you there! said...

Misery! Hope you feel better soon. I'll check back for those million pictures.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Darla! I hope you are going well. Must check you out!

janavi said...

Hope u are starting to feel better! I heard there was pig flu, or pig fever, as my Italian friend says, in New Zealand. Of course we have it here because some students ignored the warning about violence in Mexico & went there for Spring break.

Jane said...

Get well soon:)

Radostin said...

wish you better!