Friday, April 10, 2009

A Small Savoury Platter

As this is my last post for two weeks, I decided that it would be a Corker.
Well, perhaps more of a Smorgasbord or at least a Small Savoury Platter.  I've collected some seemingly random images from my recent Wide & Varied life which I'll walk you through.
Yesterday was the last day of Term 1. And not a moment too soon. I have this theory that the school just Has to Go on Holidays frequently because if it didn't, it would burst. The emotional temperature gets too high. 
I, of course act like I'm Above it All, as you can see in the photo below. 
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Look at the first photo, above. I took it yesterday after my Year 9 class had a lesson reproducing their favourite image of the term. We spent most of it studying 'Romeo & Juliet', so that's why a student has written, 'Everybody Dies' which doesn't really sum up the play for me. In my view, Not Enough People Die in it.
While my students were beavering away on sheets of paper, I drew my favourite image of the term on the whiteboard, which was the v. nasty scene where Hateful Lord Capulet calls his daughter, Juliet a 'Green Sickness' & a 'Green Baggage'. And I  thought that my father was a pain.

Please note my newly-thrifted 'Bally' metallic blue shoes that I've been banging on about all week. I spent the whole of yesterday trotting around in them, which let me tell you, was Quite a Feet. (ha). They have a reasonably high heel for a woman who mainly wears faux ballet flats, but of course they are nothing like the Towering Inferno Heels of Victoria Beckham. My great challenge was not to walk like a Drag Queen in them. You know, that kind of gangly splayed walk that Drag Naifs can have.
Anyway I'm thinking that the shoes are contributing to a Slightly Slutty look that I'm going for.

Next is a container of Pouring Custard & a dish of Peach Cobbler, which Magnificent Moniker made for last Sunday's 'True Blood' dinner. 
Last week she made Plum Pie. I'm hoping for Bombe Alaska next. 
I put this photo in because these rather homey & old fashioned but beautifully made desserts are the Absolute Highlight of my Culinary Week. 
 Most of the time I am fairly abstinent. In fact I enjoy looking down my nose & saying a Snooty 'No thanks' when someone at school offers me  even a tiny chocolate easter egg. 
But certainly not on Sunday night. I just shovel in it as fast as I can.

This aged sign intrigued me when I looked closely at it in the Art Deco foyer of the Enmore Theatre this week when I saw Lucinda 'Muffin Top' Williams. It's probably been sitting there misspelling 'Snacks' as 'Smaks' for the past seventy or so years. 
Was it deliberate, I wonder? Was the pre WW2 signwriter just having a little joke & hoped that no one would notice? 
One of Life's Little Conundrums, I guess. 

I'm almost finished. Look closely at my young colleague, Princess Pip. I just had to post this because she bought the rather Authentic Faux Hermes Scarf at lousy old 'Cotton On' for ten bucks. I was both Happy & Infuriated when she told me.
Happy, because I could rush out & buy one  first thing tomorrow when the shops finally open as they have been shut all day because of Good Friday which is ridiculous because Australia is the most heathenistic country on Earth for God's Sake. How's that for an Anarchic Sentence? I told you I was on holidays.
Infuriated, because I actually own a Real, not Faux Hermes Scarf that I bought when I was working at 'Harrods' in London in 1974. And Princess Pip's looks a little too much like mine.

Well, that's My Savoury Platter. I hope you found something in it to your taste. I'm off for the next two weeks. But I'm going to still be posting on my flickr site.
Please Please Please be here when I return.


see you there! said...

Fun stuff! I've never seen custard you can pour from a container like that. Have a good two weeks off and bring back lots of good stories.


janavi said...

Want to see your Hermes scarf. Maybe we have!
Have a great holiday!

Mervat said...

We were at Darling Harbour today and saw a similar scarf at *Le Cotton On* (needed to buy thongs for Miss 11...walked too much...blisters etc) but it just did not occur to me to buy it! Stupid, stupid!

Have a great holiday. I'll still be here, hopefully with that scarf on!

Lmac said...

Love the black and white in the outfits!

anna maria said...

I just found you through Dispatch from LA and wanted to say I love your sense of style and color and all around wildness, or is it anarchy?

Love those past the calf tights, of which you seem to have and endless supply.

You've inspired me to put together some unusually matched outfit this evening. I'm going to my church (Episcopal) here in SF this evening for the celebration of ministry for the newly chosen rector and since the congregation is at least 30% gay (their statistics) I'm sure any choice will be acceptable.