Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everyone Who is Not a Celebrity Should Have an Online Wardrobe Diary

Usually I'm not one for celebrating Anniversaries & I Absolutely Fear Birthdays. Or at least, The Old Me felt that way.
But now I'm The New Me, I'm loving every Milestone I can lug around.
So today I'm celebrating a Blogging Anniversary. But it's not mine. No no no. I let my One Year Anniversary on February 21 2009 quietly slip past. I was just too Aw Shucks & Shy to draw attention to it.
It's Sheila from Ephemera's blog anniversary. She, also was going to let it quietly slip by, but I wouldn't let her. 
So I sent Sheila some questions to answer & promised that I would blog her before going on my Two Week Blogging Holiday starting tomorrow, Good Friday. Such a perfect time to be going on a blog holiday. In Australia, Good Friday or Easter Friday, which may or may not be observed in other countries, certainly not China where I'm sure they hardly ever go on Holidays, is one of the Most Depressing Days of the Year. Everything is Shut, although Worried Retailers have been recently pressuring the government  to be allowed to open. But they said no. 
Good Friday in Sydney feels like everyone's at home watching Cecil B. deMille's 'King of Kings'  or 'The Passion of the Christ' or maybe 'The Life of Brian' on TV. I'm sure people are sulking because they're not allowed to shop.
Anyway, back to Sheila.
Look closely at the three photos posted above. Clearly, they are Not Me. And clearly, it's not my closet, but you wouldn't necessarily know this. 
One photo is Sheila's first wardrobe diary photo she posted. And another photo is Sheila's latest photo posted today. And I'm not going to tell you which one is which.
 Work that out for yourself.
 The middle photo is her  closet, which houses her amazing Tower of Power Shoe Collection & a giddying array of designer label outfits mostly bought Not at Full Price.
I was interested to find out that Sheila has had quite a long history as a writer, beginning with diaries from age 7. She accumulated 14,000 posts over five or six years on an online movie forum before moving to an online journal thingy which sounded like a wonderful way to develop your writer's voice, but perhaps a little lonely because people tended not to read much or comment. 
Sheila Shared, as opposed to Over-Shared, in her first post that she had lost sixty pounds in the previous year. No wonder she wanted to scream, 'Look at Me' by creating Ephemera!
Her Blogging Inspiration is Kasmira from whatiwore2day, who I know is an inspiration to many (including me) 
A couple of other Salient Points - Sheila says that posting wardrobe pics has definitely improved her posture & given her a more accurate Whole Body image of herself. 
Clearly, everyone in the world who is Not a Celebrity should have an Online Wardrobe Diary. The World would be a better place if we all had One.
Keep Blogging Sheila!


Kasmira said...

Yay for Sheila! I follow her blog too and enjoy it.

Jane said...

Great post. I love Sheila's blog and it was Kasmira's blog that inspired me to set up my own and which led me to yours.

Sheila said...

Aw, thanks so much, Sue! What a lovely write-up. I will link to you today when I do my Thursday entry. Enjoy your 2 week holiday.


Lmac said...

Loved reading this!