Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Over at my flickr photostream I've revealed my New Obsession. 
Michele Obama. And it's about time too. Jackie's Dead & I've Got To, repeat Got To Move On.
So every day I trawl through NY Mag's online Michele Obama Look Book  to devour more images of her so I can pretend to Shamelessly Copy.
You can see in the photo above that I'm Shamelessly Copying Mobama Arms. I like to call them Mobarms.
And look closely at my newly shaped & tinted eyebrows or should I say, Mobrows. Aren't they adorable?
Sadly, I think that I'd look like Hilary Clinton if I stood next to Mrs Obama, although I'd never be seen dead in a 'Slack Suit', or are they called 'Pantsuits' now? What I mean is, I'd look little next to her, although probably not quite as little as the Incredibly Shrinking Queen of England looked next to her. 


Sonya said...

OK, Hilary's pantsuit's not as flamboyant as what Michele's wearing but that tasty saffron yellow color...yummm!!!

janavi said...

I just don't understand all the hoopla about Michelle's wardrobe. Of course it is better than most first ladies, but that is not saying much. And I think Jackie is rolling over & over in her grave. I don't understand how u can compare them. M dresses OK, but not in the same league at all. Just my humble opinion.

Della Street Dreaming said...

J - I guess you're right! It's just that it's been so long since anyone like that has even slightly captured my interest, that I've gone a little overboard. But it is fun to look at the completely over the top coverage she's getting on The Huffington Post etc.