Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anarchy Heaven

A night or two ago I went to a Lucinda Williams concert. It was thrilling. For a number of reasons which I'll walk you through............

Oh, by the way, today was the end of Term 1 & the beginning of my two & a half weeks holiday.
So, in celebration, I am going to Set My Sentences Free even more than I normally do. I may start a sentence mid-sentence & maybe even finish it mid-sentence. I may attempt to write in the style of Virginia Woolf or Agatha Christie or Alice Walker. Famous Literary Characters, like for instance, Blanche duBois may make Guest Appearances & pose for Wardrobe Remix. 
 Sounds like Anarchy Heaven. 
But I just remembered that on friday I am going on a two week Blogging Holiday. So that means that I've only got a couple of posts to do this. 
Better Start Pronto.......

1. It was a Christmas Gift from Peter & Nigel who own my local cafe, 'Zinc'.
2. We had front row seats.
3. Lucinda is six weeks older than me.
4. It was a chance to dress in my new Slightly Slutty way.

Isn't this exciting? Are you following me? I hope so.
When Lucinda first came out I was mildly shocked & disappointed. Not that I expected  her to look like Kylie Minogue or Madonna or even Dolly Parton.
  I took one look at her Last Century Rock Chick Standard Outfit & instantly wanted more. In fact I wanted frequent Costume Changes - a Delta Airlines Flight Attendant, a Middle Ranking Executive in a navy suit & pearls, HM Queen Elizabeth & maybe Miss Peggy Lee for the Encores. 
But of course Lucinda doggedly kept the same outfit on for the whole two hours.
 I am now going to say something Quite Harsh: It looked like she made up the outfit about twenty years ago & in the intervening years hadn't bothered to check in the mirror to see that she had grown a Medium Muffin Top. If you don't believe me, look at the photo.
Now I'm going to Attempt a Save: I admired Lucinda's Muffin Top. Mind you, I wouldn't like to have one myself. 
But..... It in no way detracted from her Absolutely Amazing Voice &  Total Mastery of the stage.
And I just love that she's my age & at such a Creative Peak & everyone is madly applauding her & thinking she's fab & wonderful & not ready for the Seniors Card. Or if she is, she just uses it to get free transport & other discounts & still keeps on rockin

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Sheila said...

That sounds like so much fun! I have never seen her in concert - boy, she's a bit of a battleaxe, isn't she?

I do sort of admire the muffin-top, like, "There, I have a muffin-top. What are you going to do about it? Admire me!"

But I wouldn't do it either.

Hurrah for anarchy!