Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Young Enough for the Front Cover of 'Seventeen'

Is it just a Old Folk Tale that women who live together or whatever end up having their Period at the same time?
I'm sure it's true.
Anyway, we teachers cooped up in The Staffroom together have Successfully Moved  Way Beyond Periods into another more Splendid Realm. 
So, instead of having our menstral cycle in sync, it's our Wardrobes instead. 
It's uncanny the number of days that we come to school wearing similar outfits & colours. 
Mind you, not everyone fits into this mould. Aunt Neddy, for instance never wears anything other than black & white with perhaps the occasional   muted colour in an elegant Body Wrapping that only She knows how to pull off. 
 You may think that I'm only saying this in order to Crawl to a Colleague. But I'm not. Besides, I don't think she reads this. 
Yesterday, a number of us turned up looking v. similar - lots of patterns & spots & stripes all in shades of red, white, blue & black. Maybe you could call it Poor Woman's Ralph Lauren Resort.
I'm not sure.
Anyway, The Spotted Duchess looks Regal  in  her  Red  Suede 'Follow Me Homes' . Ernestina looks Fabulously Foxy in her bubble skirt & sexy new hairdo. I'm posing like a Las Vegas Showgirl without the height & the Other Assets.
And we all look young enough to feature on the front cover of 'Seventeen Magazine'.


sandrabollocks said...

Della that happens in our staffroom as well with colour combinations..weird I know! We just all have good taste!!

see you there! said...

I can remember when I thought Seventeen was the be all end all of magazines (snicker).


Mervat said...

Is there an opening for a job at your school...but so long as I can come and stay in your staff room! What a fabulously stylish group you all are!

PS I have advertised you and your trademark look on my fashion blog!

Sheila said...

You all look fabulous!

We often get synchronous outfits at work - the other day, three of us (two girls, one guy) showed up in black sweater vests!