Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Never Cast Aside Like a Sucked Orange

Now that Season Two of 'Mad Men' is finished, don't think I've fallen into a Black Hole.

No. There just was no time for a Vaccum to be felt because immediately the time slot was filled with Season One of 'Pure Blood' or 'True Blood' or Whatever it is. It sounds like a show about the Ku Klux Klan. But it's not. It's about the quest for Vampires to be accepted as a normal part of the community with voting & property rights, just like the rest of us.

It must be called 'True Blood' because of the TB initials on the amazing Experimental Plum Pie that Moniker made in honour of it's first Screening.

So, every sunday evening is now filled with a big sumptuous dinner made by my Pals who don't have Cable TV followed by 'TB'. (BTW, Moniker did realise the rather unfortunate associations behind the initials)
We watched Episode 2. I had to cover my eyes for about a third of it as there was blood all over the joint & lots of sex. I'm such a Delicate Creature.
But all my guests were transfixed.

I'm fond of Venn Diagrams. I always marvel at their Elegance & Simplicity, something that I'm always shooting for in My Own Life.
So, if I was constructing a Venn Diagram to explain Vampires, there would be three circles all laid on top of each other. The bottom circle would be labelled 'Vampire'; the next circle,'Sex' & the last circle, 'Violence'.

It's a heady mixture. And it's one that I don't really Get.

I have never had the desire to have sex with a Vampire. Maybe this goes back to my adolescence. When I was about sixteen or seventeen ,I was continually given Love Bites by Hungry Boys. It was a nightmare because I just couldn't cover them up & My Mother would see them & Go Into a Rant. I never worried about the Nuns at School noticing them because they'd never been with a Living Human Being because they were 'Brides of Christ'. So they wouldn't know what a Love Bite was.
Anyway, they were Half-Wits. In preparation for our Senior Formal, Sister Naomi told us all that if we allowed our Partner to kiss us, even if it was a Goodnight Kiss, the boy would throw us aside 'Like a Sucked Orange'.

What a piece of advice. No wonder I've been so Fabulously Successful with Men throughout my life.
So, I don't find Vampires sexy. In fact, I don't find any Made-Up Creatures as Appropriate Objects of Desire. Except of course Mr. Darcy.

But all my guests, including my step-son Tyler loved it. And that's enough for me. Next week I'm just going to focus on the Muscular Frame of the Australian actor who plays this really really dumb sex-crazed brother of the main character who can read people's thoughts. Thankfully, he's not a Vampire.

I just had to show off one of my new earrings that Sandrabollocks sent me. Of course you can hardly see them which is an excuse for another photo later.


sandrabollocks said...

Della they look fantastic on you! They were the biggest ones I had and I only had a few and I knew you could pull it off. On another note, I saw the Human League last night and they were awesome 28 yrs later. The girls looked the same...how can that be???

Kasmira said...

I love the TB books (Sookie Stackhouse) and am jealous that you get to watch the show! I have it in my netflix queue.

Mervat said...

I would swear that you cloned Billie Mae! She is the absolute image of you.

janavi said...

Your TV Sunday nights sound like lots of fun. We used to do that with "Dynasty" in the 80's. Did you get that one- it was a hoot!

Gwen said...

I am so glad I didn't have to go to school with Nuns, but those who did always have such interesting anecdotes!

I do not get the whole vampire craze, but the Venn diagram thing helped.

Anonymous said...

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