Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where the Wild Things Might Be

I'm loving this photo because I think it makes me look A Little Bit Slutty. And for a woman in my situation, that can't be a Bad Thing.
I blame the 'Soft Skin' setting on my camera. It works a treat!
Anyway, apart from parading my sluttiness, I'm showing off some Birthday Goodies that I got from MBF Marge in California. She sent me & my daughter a rather large box filled with presents which I'm now slowly working my way through. I'm thrilled.
Click on the photo to enlarge it, if you will. Go on, you won't regret it. Then you'll be able to see the three little houndstooth rosettes that Marge sent me from probably, 'Anthropologie', our favourite Mall Experience. I'm loving them!
Also of v. slight interest, are wooden zebra earrings & a matching bangle that I recently thrifted from 'Bednobs & Broomsticks'. Usually I don't care for Matching Jewellry, but with the zebras I made an exception.
If butterflies are a symbol of transformation & new beginnings, I wonder what the zebra symbolises?
Crossing Roads Safely, perhaps?


see you there! said...

Maybe Zebra's are symbols for individuality. I've heard that although they look alike no two zebra's have identical stripes.

While we're on a nature theme, I love the lioness hair!


janavi said...

I think zebras symbolize savageness.