Monday, March 30, 2009

Just the One Earring

I have always wanted to be a Trendsetter. 
Or at least I've always Thought that I wanted to be one. But I was wrong. 
There's nothing trendsetting about me at all. I'm sure you've got to have a Gene for it. And I don't have it.  
Which isn't to say that I'm a Slavish Follower of Trends.  I only follow trends if they fit into a set of Fashion Rules that I have been almost Unconsciously Following over Many Decades.
For example, Footless Tights. As soon as they became fashionable again, I began wearing them. And I may continue to wear them for the next thirty years. 
I remember when they were a trend  in the eighties. Back then, I wore them with Big Sloppy Joes aeronautically engineered with enormous shoulder pads that gave the appearance of a Bar Fridge or perhaps a Gorilla. I often wore the Sloppy Joes with a large diamante safety pin. And I'd like to think I also wore Just the One Earring.
Which leads me into the Subject of Today's Post. What a clever segue.
This morning, one of my students presented the above item to me, torn out of a mag called 'Shop Till You Drop'. I was touched.
I also loved that it was a French Couture House that embraced what I like to think is My Trend. 
But I hardly consider myself a 'Brave Fashionista' for wheeling myself out in public with Just One Earring. In my books, Brave would be wearing a Joan of Arc style suit of armour complete with Flag, or wearing a large hat that was really a birdcage with a real bird inside it. Or even a stuffed bird.
 That's the sort of outfit that  Poor Dead Trendsetter Isabella Blow wore & look where that got her?

Coincidentally I wore Just One Earring Today. I couldn't believe the Synchronicity, or was it, Serendipity of it all? 
Anyway, I made it myself.


Sarah Lulu said...

I have often worn one earing or mismatched earings but that's because I've lost so many over the years!

janavi said...

In the 80's with my big tops & leggings I often wore 1 big earring, but haven't done it in a while.
I saw the film about Valentino & there was a very brief Isabella sighting. Sad.

Katie said...

it's all about Wearing One Earring! Balmain are a little behind if theyre only doing it now. :)

Sheila said...

I used to do the one earring look back in the 80s, but find it's not an everyday look for me.

However, if I had that amazing earring you're wearing, I could be convinced!

Love the roses shirt, Sue!

Mervat said...

The one earring look works for you. I think its the balance of the long fringe I getting too analytical?? Ok, it just works! As for the footless tights, I love this look with a black knee length pencil skirt and flats (sound familiar? well, I stole it from you from one of your outfits in Flickr!!). Thanks Sue! ;)