Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Never Realised That Wearing the Same Skirt on Consecutive Days Could Be a Personal Growth Experience

You may or may not notice that I am wearing the same polka dot pleated thrifted skirt in both pictures. And on two consecutive days.
This is almost unheard of for me.
Why? you may ask, if you could be bothered.
Well, I decided to participate in Jane, from workthatwardrobe's Skirt Wardrobe Challenge which is to wear the same skirt in different ways three times over a two week period. 
I decided to slightly alter the rules by doing the challenge over one week. You can always tell if someone considers themselves to be 'Special & Different' if they try & change the rules about something. I'm always doing that. 
Yes, I have special permission to Change the Rules because I'm Adopted. Because I'm Left-Handed. Because I'm  a Natural Blonde. 
Oh dear, I hope I haven't switched the dial over to Self-Loathing.

Over the past year or so, Jane & other wardrobe bloggers have set up all sorts of Wardrobe Hurdles that they have to jump over. The Big Hurdle is No Buying New Clothes. But they each find simple but ingenious ways to wear different outfits by swapping clothes with friends or online buddies, buying & selling on ebay where no money changes hands, thrifting & by just finding new ways to wear their old clothes. And also planning their outfits in advance. 
I envy them. Even though I don't really buy new clothes anymore (except in moments of Extreme Temptation when the Nasty Landfill Shop has dresses for $9.95 & I just happen to be walking past) & I mainly just buy at 'Bednobs & Broomsticks', my local thrift store, I could never be that organised to do what they do. 
For instance, I have a whole Separate Wardrobe called  The Poor Relations. These are the clothes that I don't care for anymore. Maybe they were Mistakes to begin with. Maybe they don't fit me now. Maybe they Never Fitted. Maybe their hems have fallen down. 
 What's inside The Poor Relations Wardrobe would fill an entire shop. It's packed to the rafters. If I was organised I could start swapping these clothes. But I can't for the life of me think who I could swap them with. 
Or I could sell them on ebay. But I wouldn't be able to work out how much postage to charge. Or I'd find the wrapping up in brown paper  bit too hard. And then there's standing in the Endless Queue in the Over-Stretched Post Office. 

And I rarely, if ever plan my outfits in advance. I like the thrill of getting up in the morning & throwing open my Non-Poor Relation Wardrobe & deciding then & there what to wear. I like the adrenalin rush that comes with knowing if you try one more necklace on you'll be too late to get a takeaway latte on the way to school.
Ohhhhh........I do like to Live Close to the Edge.

I desperately wanted to give the above outfits Names. You know, like 'Lady Sings the Blues' or 'Cool Sophisticate'.  Of course I could only come up with Silly Names like 'Oxymoron' or 'Season in Hell'.  So, I've decided that they shall Remain Nameless. 
Can't wait to get up tomorrow & wear the polka dot skirt again. In fact, I may decide to wear it every day for the next two weeks.


see you there! said...

The first version is my favorite (so far). I really like that top and can't remember seeing it before. Don't forget to wear that skirt with my favorite yellow belt!

Now I feel lacking because my clothes have no names tho.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Would you ever take a Wardrobe photo Darla? Thank you for remembering about my yellow belt!

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

Ha ha. I too have somewhat of a "poor relations" second wardrobe... and the same hesitations about selling it off, though I have made a tiny few sales on etsy and like $10 profit which I'm not sure is worth it. :) Plus I've totally been late to things because I decided to put on a different necklace. I like that idea of wearing a skirt different ways...

Sheila said...

Great choice of skirt! I'm looking forward to seeing how you wear it.

I confess, I also consider myself a bit Special and love to find loopholes in rules and them change them. I'm going to wear my skirt every day this week, just because I'm having so much fun.

Just give away your Poor Relations. Be free!

Jane said...

I love the all blue and white ensemble.
Please feel free to change the rules. The course I was on yesterday was called "Creativity In Education" but you made me realise I should have been leading the "Creativity In Shopping" course!

Mervat said...

Sue, I love the combinations of blue in the first photo!

I've decided, like Sheila, to wear my skirt all week as well, just for the fun of it!

This is my first wardrobe challenge and it's exciting knowing I am part of a group of women with a mission!

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