Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Never Knew I Had Ears Like An Alien

Rarely do young attractive Males feature on my blog. Except perhaps Tyler, my step-son. But he doesn't really count because he's Family.
Tim, featured above is Not Family.
But don't think he's become my new Toy Boy. Non, non & Double Non. Besides the fact that he's definitely taken by Lara, my Favourite Barista in the World, I am strangely not attracted to young men. I used to be. But that was twenty-five years ago. I've Moved On.
Oh, but not far enough, it seems. Lately, I've been desperately looking at Men My Age on the street, in the supermarket queue & dare I say, on the Internet, & sadly  they all remind me of my father. 
I loved my Dad. I was a real Daddy's Girl. But I never wanted to date him. And all these blokes over fifty I've been looking at look like Dad. Or Santa. Or Fidel Castro.
Anyway, back to Tim. He's an artist, graphic designer, design teacher & gallerist. He & Lara have recently opened Buckland St Gallery in Sydney with an opening exhibition featuring Tim's digitally altered portraits of people. The first photo is a straight photo of the person. The second photo is their left side merged & the third photo is their right side merged.

I was thrilled & honoured when Tim asked me to be a subject. Of course I was worried sick that my middleaged skin would look all wrinkly under such close scrutiny. I shouldn't have worried. Far worse were my Rogue Eyebrows & the Disturbing Alien Ears I've got in the third photo.

I dropped in to the gallery on saturday & became involved in a lively conversation with an excited lady who found the whole process v. fascinating. She was earnestly looking at everyone's portraits & deciding which side was vulnerable or hard or artistic or playful or whatever. She told me the Alien Ear side of me was the Disciplinarian & the other side was the Artistic Dreamer.

I was completely stumped. For the life of me, I couldn't see any of that . Maybe I was blinded by The Ears.
But of course I just loved the attention.


Sarah Lulu said...

Isn't that an amazing process?

I've always like Spock anyway.

You left out .....of your older men images ..the aging rock star model.
I do sometimes find that attractive, God help me hahaha.

janavi said...

And the 50 yr old men, no matter how unappealing, want 30 something women. And the 70 yr olds.... I just can't go there. Tho in Italy the men aren't so hung up on age.

Those photos are quite interesring.