Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Themed Baby

You may recall that I gave my birthday a Sub-Title, 'New Beginnings'.
You may also recall that whilst I didn't think that it was an altogether Silly Practice, I did consider it strange, like no one else would do it.
Well, I was wrong. 
 Trixie Drew told me a disgusting story about her Best Friend, who has Saintly Manners.  Last week, this Best Friend (BF) was invited to a Baby Shower. She was sent an elaborate printed invitation as if she was being summoned to The Palace to attend the Glass Slipper Ball.  The invitation demanded that she make her gift selection from a Baby Gift Register . Possible gifts included Eighteenth Century Baby Armoires, Delicate Lace Christening Robes made by Carmelite Nuns in the Loire Valley & a nice fat cheque for the baby's first year at Sydney's most exclusive Private School. 
Perhaps I'm Slightly Exaggerating. But only slightly.
What ever happened to a couple of bibs & a rattle? 
By the time that the Saintly BF had read all this, she was getting quite hot under the collar. 
But as my hairdresser always says when she's telling me a disgusting story, 'It Gets Worse'.
At the end of the Invitation was a Postscript: Please ensure that all Gifts are Winnie the Pooh themed, as this is the Baby's Theme'.
Whoever heard of a Baby with a Theme?

This last bit of Lunacy really got up SBF's nose.  She sat & fumed. 
But then she started channelling Carrie in one of her favourite episodes of SATC. It's the one where Carrie takes revenge on a Disgustingly Smug Mother-to-be who has a baby shower where Carrie's brand new Manolos are stolen. 
So, she decided to graciously accept the invitation, because she's got Saintly Manners.
 But..... she's giving really really cheap little jumpsuit at the supermarket with Paddington Bear on it instead of Pooh. 


see you there! said...

HaHaHa! I think I would have just sent my regrets. Said I was busy having tea the Queen on that date or something.


patty said...

that's so funny. I think I shall think of this story all day. People will probably think I am touched in the head, seeing me about with this silly smile on my face. I will continue the story in my thoughts, adding in my version of gift being opened, the gasps that ensue...oh the whispering behind gloved hands. Surely they will be wearing white gloves to this occasion.