Friday, March 13, 2009

A Reverse Braggart

You know, I'm always a little unsure about bragging. Should I or Shouldn't I? Will people be Impressed or Groan? 
 Of course that's never stopped me from doing it. 
I'm a Reverse Braggart. When other, more Conventional Braggarts might brag about owning luxury items & how much they cost, I like to brag about how I just picked this fabulous silk shirt up at my favourite thrift shop, 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' for a mere twelve bucks. 
And then I could brag about how I selflessly gave it to my beautiful colleague, Princess Pip, just because she admired it 

Because that's what I did. I must say that I was thrilled that she would want to wear it. And I read somewhere that We Humans are happier when we are Being of Assistance or Giving in Some Way rather than just taking all the time. Maybe it increases our pheromones or something. 

One more thing. After trying & trying for a long long time, I finally became a Wardrobe Remixer of the Week. Each week, the founder of flickr's famous wardrobe_remix
 Tricia Royal, publishes her remixers o' the week on her blog, bits n bobbins. I was thrilled. But sadly, I think about five people saw it. Never mind. It's another milestone I've crossed.

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see you there! said...

What a nice friend you are. The Princess looks great in purple.

Congrats on the Flicker thing. I don't "flicker" but I did go look at your link.