Friday, March 13, 2009

Knights & Queens Deeply Dancing in a Whiter Shade of Pale Satin

It's friday night & there's a saxophonist eight floors below me belting out Abba's 'Dancing Queen' with a v. loud backing track helping him. Unlike most of the other buskers that are around my area, he sounds like a Professional. 
It still doesn't stop me from wanting to pelt rotten eggs at him. 

OMG, he's moved on the Bee Gee's 'How Deep is Your Love?' 
Oh well, I'm just going to continue to type.
I'm not going to sing along in a  silly falsetto voice like  the Bee Gees. And I'm not going to think about how one of them, was it Maurice? had teeth that pointed in different directions & how sad it was that his twin brother, Robin, who was dedicated to the sport of 'Paintball', died suddenly & tragically a few years back.

Where was I?
No NO.....can you believe he's now doing 'Knight's in White Satin'?
It's like this guy intuitively knows my 'B' or is it, my 'B minus' list of songs & has decided to torture me with them. If the next song is 'Close to You', I'll know I'm right.

I must take control. 
On to the photo above. If you are a Regular Reader, you MAY think I've posted it before. 
Wrong.  I haven't. This is An Update. 
It's my Mary Easter Shrine which is sitting on the green terrazzo counter in the kitchen. Since last you saw it, it has many many more tiny golden bunnies (not bilbys) on it as well as four  rather smug Large Rabbits. 
My daughter is arriving tomorrow for a Birthday Celebration. Hers & Mine. She always complained that I never bothered giving her a Proper Easter Egg. So now I'm trying to make it up to her. 
I can't stand it anymore. He's now moved on to 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'.  
I must go find some eggs. 


see you there! said...

Now all those tunes are running through my mind - and they never even made it to my B list.

Your daughter should be impressed with all your eggy-ness.

Happy Birthday to the both of you!


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Darla!

Sonya said...

Mary looks like actress Penelope Cruz; my mother and I celebrate our birthdays together as we are only three days apart in December!