Monday, March 16, 2009

Stonewash, Sprouse & Pussy Bows

My great School Chum & Colleague, Trixie Drew has her desk quite close to mine in our staffroom, which is a Microcosm of the Universe. Everything that a bunch of Inquisitive Aliens would ever want to know About Us can be found there.
Anyway, Trixie often calls me Mrs. Dalloway, which believe me in Our Universe, is Not a Compliment. We use it to describe Stream of Consciousness or should I call it, 'Stream of Unconsciousness' behaviour when a person keeps up a loud running monologue about what they're doing usually on a minute by minute basis. It's a version of Thinking Aloud, but with the added irritation of making the hapless listener think that they've got to respond.  E.G. 'Oh God, I can't find my copy of Lear/R&J/Gwen Harwood/Emma/etc. I had it there only a minute ago. I Can't believe this. How are you anyway? I may be getting a headache' On& On & ON & on it goes.

That's My Blogging Style. Stream of Unconsciousness. 
But I'm not going to change the Blog Name to Mrs. Dalloway. No, I'm firmly sticking to Della Street, who, in case you didn't know, was the secretary of Perry Mason, the best TV attorney of them all. There was Nothing Stream of Anything about  Della.
Note to Self: Start Channelling Della.

It was my daughter's 21st birthday family dinner on saturday night. No one mentioned The Elephant in the Room, Mr. Ex-Middleaged. He of course wasn't there but he sent along a birthday gift. 
Between Billie-Mae are her two step-brothers, Tyler & Tim.  Her Godmother, Rubber-Glove Jenny was also present, & we had a great time going around the table telling stories of Mae & celebrating her life.

I really wanted to celebrate with a Huge Themed Cake - you know a cake in the shape of Dr. Freud perhaps holding an Igneous Rock, as Mae is studying Psychology & Geology. Sadly, that didn't happen. And now I feel slightly sad about it. I went for Safe & Tasteful instead. 
You can see the cake below. It has a little saying  on it that I used to say to her when she was a kid - 'Mae - Wise Beyond Your Ears'. 

No occasion is complete without a Wardrobe Photo. And here it is. Well, it was supposed to be here, but now it's moved to the top of the post. I swear I didn't touch anything.
Mae has a part-time job in a jeans store, so she's wearing gorgeous black 'Lee' jeans & a tee from the store. I, of course never wear pants or jeans because I've never gotten over not being able to look like Cher in Levis in 1973. My little legs were too short & stumpy, so I've punished them forever by never wearing jeans. I can't even imagine what I would actually look like in a pair. 
So, of course I'm wearing a skirt. I just love this little thrifted number, from 'Bednobs & Broomsticks'. I am a great fan of that renegade New York Punk Dead Designer, Stephen Sprouse, who decorated Louis Vuitton  bags some years ago with punky writing. I like to think that  this skirt is a Lite Version of it, even perhaps an Homage to Sprouse.
For some reason I'm wearing a scarf that I've made into a Pussy Bow. I'm not sure if I'm just being a Slave to Fashion. I THINK that pussy bows are IN & everyone is wearing one. But maybe they're not. 
No, I'm sure I didn't make it up. It's just Wishful Thinking. 
At least it covers The Neck.
The next photo has at least two interesting things I want to point out to you, O Reader. First is Mae's stonewash jean jacket. Women of my age generally recoil in horror as Stonewash in it's first incarnation perhaps in the eighties (?) was generally associated with Mullets, little white boots &  Bad Skin. It could also look a Little Slutty, but not in a good way.
That's all a Thing of the Past. People who wear stonewash now don't have any of that loathsome baggage to carry about, so they can wear it Loud & Proud. Personally, I'm too steeped in the Past to wear it, but I applaud any fabric that doesn't show the dirt as I lack Laundry Skills.
Second, note the fifty dollar notes that I cleverly stuck to her other gifts with clothes pegs. Not that I'm trying to Show Off my Generosity, heaven forbid!


see you there! said...

Looks like you were all having fun. I really like your skirt. I like her jacket too. As for the money? I don't think I've ever seen your currency so it looked like play money to me. Bet your daughter was thrilled tho.


Mervat said...

What a wonderful celebration!. You both look fantastic. Thanks for the photos.

BTW: Are those strawberries on the plate? They look HUGE!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Yes, Mervat, they're those really big strawberries that Woolies sells. They look great, but taste a bit nothing!