Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Come Others See What We Don't See in Ourselves?

Well, I've completed my Skirt-Wearing Challenge initiated by Jane from workthatwardrobe. I would  love to report that everyone around me was absolutely gobsmacked that I wore the same skirt three days in a row, but of course no one noticed a thing.
I'm sure that I could keep on wearing that skirt for the next month & no one would notice. Actually, my students would. They've got nothing better to do but to sit in class & look at me.
And to draw me as well.
Today  I was shocked & horrified when I was presented with the drawing above after class.
'Do you really think that my waist is THAT Thick?' I demanded.
'Oh,'s my first attempt at drawing.' 
It was amazing that she managed to really capture the essence of the electrical sockets hanging out of the wall,  but just couldn't nail my figure.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the Skirt Wearing Challenge. And  I may decide to extend the Challenge into tomorrow. 
Now, that would be a stretch. 


see you there! said...

Oh yay for my favorite yellow belt! Yes, the first thing I noticed in the drawing was the electrical works, LOL!


Sheila said...

I love this outfit, Sue! The yellow belt with the purple blouse is just gorgeous!

Yeah, it's a little disheartening to realize that 99% of people couldn't give a flying fig what we wear on a daily basis.

I thought the drawing was very complimentary. Look how lovely your eyes look, and check out the slender legs!

Mervat said...

WOW! This is gorgeous...and you look super svelt!

rabespierre said...

i love her drawing, even though she surely doesn't get you right! your blog has been on fire lately! which i mean to be a compliment, though i'm not sure that that's something anyone says anymore, on fire, that is ...! xx hilary

Jane said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the challenge. I have decided to wear it again tomorrow too.
Wear it for a month, Go on, I dare you!

janavi said...

Your waist is certainly much smaller than depicted in the drawing.
On the last episode of Ugly Betty, Pat Field put a yellow belt on a pink floral dress.