Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chicken Bones & Chanel Cuffs

In my last post I said I'd 'been busy' all last week.
Just to prove it, here's some pictures I took last Wednesday evening at an Important Art Opening down the hill from my School & Home.
It was at Martin Browne Fine Art. And all the pictures that I've uploaded are Not In Order. Sounds like many areas of My Life.
Not in Order.
Anyway, the last picture shows the front window of Martin Browne with the names of the artists whose show it was. I hope you're able to follow me.
Linde Ivimey sculpts with perhaps chicken bones. Maybe she uses other bones as well. Sewing seems to be involved & also upholstery. Many of the figures are sitting on little arm chairs or ottomans which I presume she made herself.
I love them. And I could be a little jealous that I didn't make them myself. Or something similar.
Please do look at my thrifted Comme de Garcons blouse with a black frill that looks in the photo like I've worn an unsightly low-slung black bra underneath. I didn't.

And then there's the Guests. I do so love looking at everyone at these things. And this lot were a Bumper Crop. My favourite outfit was worn by Mary Shackman, a well-known Sydney artist. I had never met Mary, but admired her from afar. And was quite surprised when I found the voice to ask if I could take her photo. And thrilled when she said yes.
I was v. interested in her Arm Wear & asked if I could photograph it. Mary made some remark about her 'withered' or was it, 'wrinkly old arms' ? which I dismissed in a flash. Who cares if you've got skin like crushed up cellophane (not that Mary does) if you're wearing a Chanel Cuff & a Louis Vuitton one as well?

Here's the artist, Linde on the left talking to a stylish person with a huge pussy bow that I found enchanting.
I've been Embracing the Pussy Bow myself recently. It's quite strange how things change.
I always used to associate the PB with Stern Unappealing Looking Women like Dame Margaret Thatcher. She really should be called Lord Thatcher. That would be far more her.

Here we are at the end. Can you see that the little rodent or whatever is lounging on a comfortable armchair?
I loved it.

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see you there! said...

Love the cuffs and the chicken bone sculpture looks interesting. I'll bet you had a good time at the opening.