Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Fun with Rage

Every thursday I eagerly await the 'Style' section of 'The Sydney Morning Herald'.
And just about every week, I'm either disgusted or bored or enraged after I read it. Or all three.
It's quite fun, really.
Last week, due to popular demand by all the Old Boilers of Sydney, they did a big centre spread on Fabulous Fashion for Women over 50. I am in this catagory.
A local air hostess & mother who wanted to ignore or disown her Middle Section was the Model. But they called her a 'Style Icon', which I thought was a bit much. But perhaps I'm a Purist.
Anyway, off she trotted to Bondi Westfield with some stylist who decked her out in a whole load of stuff from local retailers. The unifying theme for all the outfits was a Drawstring Waist. Some outfits just had a drawstring waist with a simple cord. The more hideous outfits had a drawstring waist with a huge bow which did wonders to accentuate the previously mentioned disowned middle section.
By far the most hideous outfit combined the huge bow with the colour lime which is a colour that makes everyone look like a vampire.
Can't wait for Thursday


see you there! said...

Is she wearing a bathrobe? I actually enlarged the photo and I swear it still looks like a bathrobe to me.

Bows? Talk about something you need to consider Very Hard before wearing if you are 50+.


ladyjanewriter said...

Oh good lord. They forgot the fuzzy pink bunny slippers to go with the dress. And the terrycloth turban covering a mass of pink sponge curlers.

Man, the fashion industry REALLY hates every woman over 30, don't they?

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Darla & ladyjanewriter for agreeing with me! I must find more things to be enraged about. I'm sure it wont be hard.