Friday, September 4, 2009

Me & Ornamental Zebras

It's friday late morning.
I'm sitting at my desk in the staffroom with headphones on listening to one of my 'brainwave' meditation tapes which sounds like the Rinse/Spin cycle in a washing machine. Or maybe what a fetus hears inside the womb.
I find it strangely comforting. And besides, it seems to help convert all my incandescent rage into a fairly harmless blog entry.
I would like to talk more about Me & My Rage. And perhaps I will. But not now.
The topic of this blog entry is My Zebra Pin which was generously donated by Darla

I was totally thrilled to get this sent to me from the Other Side of the World. Apparently, the Zebra had been languishing in a dark corner of Darla's Jewellry Collection for some time.
And now it's All Mine.
Let me walk you through the rest of the outfit. A Festival of Spots. The dress could almost be called 'Vintage'. Let's just say that it is.
I must have bought it months ago at 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' & for some reason I shoved it into the back recesses of my wardrobe & forgot about it. After all, I had so many Other Fish to Fry.
Thankfully, I discovered it the morning I decided to wear The Zebra.
The footless tights are from 'American Apparel'. I had my Maiden Visit to this rather famous store last satuday, when my daughter Billie-Mae took me to it.

I've been wondering about Me & Ornamental Zebras. I seem to be attracting many of these Delicate Creatures into my life at the moment. What could this mean?
Am I becoming a black & white person perhaps? No shades of grey?
Or maybe a Pack Animal? I'm sure Zebras roam in packs. Or flocks. Or herds.
Maybe I want to hide? Aren't those stripes supposed to be for camouflage?
God, the possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much Darla. You made my week.
PS. I just realised that you can hardly see the Zebra in the pictures. Just use your imagination.
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see you there! said...

Oh goodie! Jewelry is meant to be work not ignored. Happy it found a home with you.

You look quite smart in black and white.