Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Good to Send

I've been desperate to design & sell my own personal greeting cards for some time.
Like years.
I would just love for the Entire World to be awash with my cards.
The thought of running a Large Greeting Card Empire from my desk in the Classroom fills me with glee.
But do you think I could do something like that?
Sadly, up until now, No.
Not that I have any immediate plans to set up the Empire at present.
But so far the Practical Details of doing such a thing have eluded me . It is far easier for me to stand in front of the whiteboard rabbiting on about how Alfred Hitchcock bullied all his blonde leading ladies & how after she shot the shower scene in 'Psycho' (which I'm showing to Year Neuf tomorrow), Janet Leigh could never take another shower again. In fact, she died without ever showering.
Don't think that I'm dissatisfied with my job. Who could fail to have a Sense of Daily Purpose when such Important Information needs to be conveyed to the Youth of Today. What could be more important?
Perhaps saving the planet.
But failing that, I'd like to have a Card Empire. I've even made up a name. I'm not going to tell you what it is in case you might want to steal it because it's a Great Name. Not that I don't trust you or anything.

Practical Considerations that Seem to Be Beyond Me.
1. Printing Cheaply but Beautifully.
2. Getting Cheap but Beautiful Card Paper whatever you call it.
3. Making a Profit.
Anyway, here's a card that I made.
Hope you like it.


ladyjanewriter said...

I ADORE it! And, gosh, I have no freaking clue how to go about doing that.

see you there! said...

Great card! You could definately be a card making CEO.