Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Never Know What's Going to Happen Next

About an hour ago, I was sitting on my cozy couch after a dinner of a dozen Pacific Oysters & a large salad watching the News on mute. Occasionally I would turn the sound on if I liked the look of the pictures. But mostly I didn't.
I felt too listless to write a blog entry, even though I was ever so slightly inspired by a story on 'Australian Story' last night about a young man, who after becoming a World Champion Paper Plane thrower & beating a nasty but ultimately benign brain tumour, had discovered the Secret of Happiness, which was, 'Just Do Fun Stuff'.
I must Make a List of things that I might consider fun. And then start doing them.

Anyway, I was on the couch & suddenly out the window I hear a Clarion Call from my youth. Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love'. When I was sixteen, Victor Fraser sent me a Valentine with all the words written inside the card. Pity he wasn't a jock.
I became excited. And then remembered when I was trudging home from the supermarket I had noticed tents & lights & stuff being set up in the park across the street from my apartment.

I raced to the window & peered out. It was a Fashion Parade.

I quickly remembered Poor Old Annie Leibowitz, who I just read is Almost Bankrupt & about to lose the rights to all her negatives, before grabbing my camera & bolting out the door, into the lift, & out into the midst of the parade.

A kindly man offered me his spot near a bank of rather professional looking photographers who were all furiously snapping away with their gargantuan lens & flashes .
I felt silly. As if I had a Toy Camera that might have doubled as a water pistol. Or perhaps my old Kodak Instamatic.
But I didn't let it stop me as you can see.
The brand was called 'Love Chile'.
Keith Richards if he was a Woman crossed with Disney Hiawatha with Janis & Jack Daniels High Notes. Maybe a tiny touch of Bette Midler in 'The Rose'. Perhaps a whiff of Dreamcatcher Earrings.

I liked it. But I think that if you're old enough to remember the Look first time around, you shouldn't wear it this time around.
That's not my rule. Of course. But it kind of sounds sassy & smart. Just what I need right now.

The whole thing was over in about ten minutes max.
I put my Toy Camera back in it's case & raced back upstairs to my apartment feeling excited & Rather Smug. I bet no one else in the crowd lives as close as me, I thought.

So, You Never Know What's Going to Happen At Any Moment.
I haven't quite finished even though it's getting Dangerously Close to my Bedtime & I don't want to breach my curfew.
But just quickly on the Above Theme.
Last week, I ran into Tess, one of my Senior Students from the Class of 2008. She looked so fresh & alive & happy, such a contrast from her usual comatose appearance in my class last year. We chatted about her university course & how much she liked it.
This afternoon, as I was walking to class, a Year 12 student was waiting for me.
'Oh Ms, I just thought you'd like to know that Tess's father dropped dead yesterday. Tess was with him. They thought he just had a cold'.
Maybe it's time to start Majorly Making that list of Fun Stuff.

And another two things.
1 Darla - I'm wearing the Zebra pin tomorrow. I just love it.
2. Anna- I'm still really keen to photograph you in those boots & toy jeans.
3. Zizzi - thank you for your interest in S. Sluttiness. I plan to be S.Slutty tomorrow.
4. Janavi - everything looks wonderful pour tous. Definitely a keeper I'd say.


see you there! said...

Great you got the photo's. I love that the old hippie style keeps coming back. Not that I remember, or lived in Berkeley and wore dresses made out of Indian bedspreads and had beaded curtains on every door. No, surely not (snicker).


PS - can't wait to see how you style the pin - I just felt it was So You.

ladyjanewriter said...

That fashion parade sounds amazing! Awesome!

My condolences for your former student's loss. :-(

janavi said...

Yes, definitely a keeper.
And don't feel sorry for old Annie Liebowitz- she's a arrogant witch- she almost kicked me once.