Monday, September 28, 2009

A Muttoneer

What better way to follow a Revealingly Heartfelt Post outlining my Descent into Anti-Depressants than with some Long Overdue wardrobe photographs!
Look closely at the action figures I am fondling in the above pic. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to enlarge it. In fact, I recommend it.
No, the Hilary Clinton Walnut Cracker & the dreamy Action Man sitting astride a large 'My Little Pony' are definitely Not Toys.
They are important Teaching Tools. I won't go into the technicalities, but suffice to say that they are instrumental in teaching the concept of 'Getting Back on the Horse', which every senior student needs to be familiar with.
People say that we teach best what we need to learn most. I totally agree.
Notice my attempt at 'Chanelness' in this photo.
OMG, perhaps I've coined a new word?
I must Google it to see if anyone else has ever thought of it.

Talking of New Words, I was reading Maggie Alderson's fashion column in Saturday's paper. For those of you who haven't heard of Maggie, she is definitely worth Googling. She is an English Journalist & author who used to live in Australia but now doesn't but writes her column without ever mentioning any place names so that everyone just assumes she still lives here. Which I think is a bit silly. Does she think that if her readers knew that she'd abandoned us & went back to where she came from they wouldn't bother reading her anymore?
Anyway, last week she wrote about 'Mutton Done Up as Lamb' & referred to women who dress in this way as 'Muttoneers'.
I thought that was v. funny. And I actually chortled when I read it.

Here's a slightly problematic outfit. At least the top is. I bought the whole outfit & the outfit above & half the outfit of the one below of course at 'Bednobs Etc'.
But I had misgivings that the top was a little on the Nanna side.
But the Nannaness wasn't really the issue.
My great colleague, The Other Sue pointed out over lunch in the staffroom that the pink flowers looked more like Breasts, particularly as they were positioned where My Ones actually were.
So That's It for That Top. It can go back to 'Bednobs Etc'.

Today was what used to be called, 'Muck-Up Day', the last day of Year 12's Schooling. In the old days, copious amounts of eggs & flour would be thrown everywhere, the School Gate would have a 'For Sale' sign stuck on it & all the teachers would be mercilessly mocked at the Farewell Concert.
Nowadays, it's a Tame Affair. The most that the girls can do is to turn their summer uniform into a Hooker's Outfit which is v. apt as our school is in the Red Light District of Sydney.
The girls spent their last day tottering around in Enormous Heels which looked like a Public Liability Insurance Nightmare waiting to happen. But sadly, nothing did.
Here I am looking again like a Little Toy Teacher next to a Giantess. Please note my Huge Pussy Bow which I created out of a long scarf. And the sheer Tartan Dress is the only thing that I've bought new - $20 from 'Cotton On' all year.

And now I've come to the end. What can I say about this outfit?
I just love it even though I look perhaps a bit silly. It's a dress from maybe the eighties with accordian pleats. And you can scrunch it up into a ball & it doesn't crush which is absolutely my kind of dress as I don't have the facilities to iron.


mae said...

love the photos. especially the last outfit. so svelte! I don't think muttoneers can be svelte, unless perhaps they are european. so you're in the clear :P

Cecilia said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your "Chanelness" outfit! It is flattering to your figure. Love it! Thanks for sharing. Everyday I can't wait to check in to see what new outfit you have posted.

see you there! said...

The first and last outfits are great. Truth tho? Off load that rosey sweater on some unsuspecting person. You are too young to wear prints that resemble bad wallpaper. Even I'm too young for that, BWAHAHAHA.