Friday, October 2, 2009

V. Prominent Sockettes

What better way to follow a Post of a whole load of wardrobe photos of Myself than another post of more wardrobe photos of myself?
Well only two photos.
The top outfit is entitled 'Mother of the Bride'. For all the obvious reasons. I've had the dress for about ten years. Maybe it's time to give it the flick.
The shoes are genuine YSL. I got them last year at 'Bednobs Etc' for twenty bucks. They are a little big so I stuffed them with tissues.
Perhaps the shoes don't look as good with the V. Prominent Sockettes more than peeping out of them. But I don't seem to be able to Abandon the Sockette. Every day my feet are incredibly drawn to putting them on. And I'm not sure why.
It's too soon to blame The Prozac.
I made the long pendant out of an old watch & a large shell that I got at a two dollar shop.

And here's yesterday's outfit. It's entitled 'Air Guitarist'. I know I'm Not Technically playing one, but I may as well be. Like so many strange things, this magnificent plastic blow up guitar just materialised in the Staffroom & I couldn't believe my luck.
Or is it synchronicity?
Can't you see that it's just Made for my Genuine Vintage dress that of course I got last week from 'Bednobs Etc' ?
And again, I'm wearing V. Prominent Black Sockettes. Which aren't my favourites. I favour the beige or flesh coloured ones in the first picture.

And now I'm on holidays for two weeks.
So it's back to English Teacher's Holiday Wardrobe Diary.
I hope you're getting excited.

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see you there! said...

A blow up guitar? Now you need a blow up Elvis. Who thinks of these things? The thrifted dress is great tho.