Monday, October 26, 2009

Grooming to Rival The Duchess of Windsor's

Don't think that I'm copying Advanced Style. Or is it, Advance Style?
See, I don't even know the proper name of the Thingy Bloggy..... whatever it is.
So, I can't be copying.
Do look at Joy above. I caught her on the hop on friday morning on my way to school. Joy was also going to school. But she wasn't going to do a paid thing like me, but to Volunteer.
For many years now, Joy volunteers to be what's known in the Teaching Trade as a 'ReaderSlashWriter' or 'Reader/Writer'.
Let me explain in as few words as possible. Where I live in Australia, we have a Nasty Set of Exams at the end of a student's schooling called the Higher School Certificate which decides whether or not you get into a course at university or indeed if you get to go to university at all. Many students who sit for these exams consider themselves to have 'Special Needs'. Their parents & Paid Professionals also think that they have 'Special Needs'.
I personally think that everyone in the world has 'Special Needs'. But that's just Me.
In the world of the Higher School Certificate, there are many many categories of 'Special Needs'. You may have a specific learning difficulty or your hands may simply shake in the exam room. Or, you may know it in you head, but for some damn reason, it doesn't come out your arm/hands & on to the exam paper.
So, what do these poor 'Special Needs' students get?
Yes, that's right! They get Joy.
Joy sits with an assigned 'Special Needs' student & reads the exam paper to them & then the student dictates her answer to Joy who writes it down for her. The student doesn't have to touch the exam paper.
I don't know how she does it. I certainly wouldn't be able to do it because I wouldn't be able to listen long enough to write down any answers.
Anyway, Joy always looks completely fabulous even when she is on her way to spend two hours sitting next to some sweaty student. Everything always matches perfectly & her grooming is up there with The Duchess of Windsor's.
She's wearing a George Gross suit that has a little touch of pale green in it, I think. And she's wearing a diamond bee that her still-practicing dentist husband Bruce gave her for some well-deserved anniversary.
Brava Joy!

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