Thursday, October 8, 2009

More On God & Me

You may recall in my last entry I mentioned the above book.
I have never read it but I'm sure many many young girls & perhaps even Grown women & The Occasional Man have done so.
It's not uncommon for me to Speak Knowledgeably about books I've never read. In fact, I've taught many books that I haven't read. And I've never ever knowingly read a book that's won the Booker Prize.
Until now. This afternoon, I trudged down to the bookshop & bought yesterday's winner of the Booker. It's called 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel. Never heard of her or her book until today. It's a little too thick to comfortably read in the bath which is My Official Benchmark for Enjoyable Reading. So I'm not sure how I will go.
Perhaps I should tell you v. briefly about Me & Books. Or what I've been reading lately. I've just finished 'The Suspicions of Mr Wincher', by Kate Summerscale. It's a recent book about a v. famous real life murder case in Victorian England, in the early years of detecting & Scotland Yard. I thought it was v. interesting & intriguing but slightly made me gag in parts because it's about this Hugely Gruesome Syphilitic Family. A resentful teenaged daughter slits the throat of her baby brother & then throws him into the Servants' cesspool, hoping that if he didn't die from his wounds he'd drown in the excrement. It was fascinating & full of great detail about Victorian Life, but didn't do much for my mood in spite of the Prozac.
And before that I read the last Harry Potter book.
I've always counted my reading & viewing of Dear Harry as a Guilty Pleasure. Rather like listening to Tina Arena singing 'Show Me Heaven' or Shakira belting out 'Underneath Your Clothes'. Or Bette Midler singing something to do with God & Wings. Can't remember.
Anyway, I just totally loved The Last Harry. My favourite character was Kreacher, the House Elf. My daughter Billie-Mae said that it was typical of me to favour an ugly little abandoned domestic elf left shivering in the kitchen instead of bothering to admire the much more worthy characters like Dumbledore etc.

Anyway, back to 'Are You There God?'
I loved the title so much that I had to create my own Homage in the artwork, below. I hope you like it. The figure is Lois Lane from 'Superman'. She came in a Happy Meal.

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