Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Real Not Toy Python

As Oafey Australian Footballers say when their stupid team wins, 'I'm Dead-Set Ecstatic!'
I would Totally Love to say that the reason is because I just Love Life, but sadly, that's Not the Case.
The reason has got to do with Marc Jacobs.
Remember a couple of weeks ago when I missed out on that Real Not Toy Marc Jacobs handbag at 'Bednobs Etc'?
I have been in total mourning ever since even though I'm trying to do a crash course in Zen Buddhism & not give a rat's arse about The Material World.
But in a wonderful act of Kindness & Generosity, Peter, the owner of my absolute favourite cafe in the whole entire world, 'Zinc', came back from a two week stay in NYC this week & presented me with a divine Python Purse & Two Bangles that he bought in the Marc Jacobs accessory shop in Bleeker Street in NYC.
Apparently, the shop is super popular & when Peter & his partner Nigel came across it on a saturday morning a large, snake-like queue had formed down the street.
I can't imagine Peter queuing for anything, but he is persistent. So, he went back on monday morning & managed to get into the shop before the queue started.
I'm soo glad that he did. Almost, but not quite the best bit of the purse is the inside with 'Jacobs by Marc Jacobs Ad Nauseum' printed on the leather. I didn't realise that Fashion Designers have a sense of humour, except perhaps for Little Karl Lagerfeld who says stuff like, 'I don't have any human emotions'.

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