Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Having to Worry About Wearing a Detachable Train

I've just posted a number of Holiday Outfits on my flickr photostream. It was about time too as I've been neglecting it lately.
That's the trouble with an Online Life. You have to keep on Updating It. Thank God my Offline Life just automatically updates itself.
While I was uploading & writing my comments, I multi-tasked by watching 'The Rachel Zoe Project'.
What a show.
I'd like to give you a Blow-by-Blow description of what Rachel, her hubby Rodger & her assistants Taylor & Brad got up to, but I'll resist the urge. But I will allow myself to say that every time I watch it which is Not Often, I feel myself sucked into a Big Black Wardrobe Vortex.
What a relief that don't have to worry about whether or not to wear the Detachable Train that Georgio Armani thoughtfully included in My Oscar Gown.
My major worry in this Entirely Thrifted Outfit is whether or not I've Overdone the Wristbands. I'm wearing two on each wrist. And I just realised that I may be moving into Bondage Territory. Quelle Horreur!

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see you there! said...

Like the wrists (yes both) like the outfit. I don't quite qet the little orange whatever there on the brown center part tho. I enlarged the photo and I still can't figure it out.