Friday, October 16, 2009

A Tail of Karl Lagerfeld

Look closely at these startling pics of Elfin Karl Lagerfeld that I purloined from The Huffington Post.
When I say Look Closely, I mean it. In fact, why don't you enlarge the images? I almost promise you that it will be worth it.

Do you see it?
In case you didn't, I'll tell you.
Knome Karl is Wearing a Rug. That Ponytail of his not only Looks Like a Rat's Tail, but it might Really be One.
I have made a Lifetime study of Rugs & I'm rarely, if ever Wrong in the Rug Wearing Department. You can see little wisps of his own hair at the front & then you can see a V. Definite Line where the Rug starts.
I was shocked. Which is hardly unusual as I'm easily shocked. And frightened. Etc.
But we won't go down that road, will we?
It's far more titillating to talk about Karl's Rug. As soon as I discovered it, I excitedly scoured the internet looking for any mention of it.
Absolutely Nothing.
I would be sooo excited if I was the First to Publicly Notice Karl's Rug.
Oh for it to be Me who Outed his Toy Hair!
Sadly, I don't think Karl's taken Rug Wearing Far Enough.
Don't you think he'd look far better if he wore one of those huge eighteenth century wigs that King Louis 14 or whatever number it was wore?

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see you there! said...

My first thought was he is channeling Michael Jackson. I think you are right about the rug tho.


PS - my word verification is SILLY. Yep.