Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Camouflage Perhaps?

Being an English teacher, I'm always looking for Symbols & Signs. And maybe excuses to put two words starting with the letter 'S' side-by-side.
Since I'm currently teaching the poetry of Australian Dead Poet, Gwen Harwood, I'm extra-specially interested in the Two S's.
And what seems Slightly Curious to me, is the Recurring Motif in my outfits slash life of The Zebra.
Those of you who know My Wardrobe intimately, will recall that it contains a number of Zebra references . I do hope that I am making sense as I have just this late afternoon had my eyebrows waxed & tinted which I religiously do every three weeks & I fear that perhaps some of the hot wax has infiltrated my Frontal Lobe & affected my ability to blog.
I have a strange wooden zebra necklace & a wonderful Zebra pin that Darla sent me a little while back that I treasure & now I have this:

It's another Zebra Necklace, although you would never know it because I have a scarf wound tightly around my turkey neck which I say lovingly & Not Nastily. Those of you who either live in the Southern Hemisphere or understand the Seasons in that part of the world will think it Rather Strange that I, in late October appear to be dressed for Mid-Winter when it should by Rites Be Spring. Of course those of you who actually live where I live will Totally Understand.
Even though it's supposed to be getting dangerously hotter by the minute, it isn't right now in Sydney. In fact, we've slid back to perhaps late June slash early July. I must say I quite like the challenge of getting up every morning & putting on extra layers that I might have to peel off later in the day in case the Mercury Mounts.
I don't think Zebras thrive in a Cold Climate. And I also think that they aren't associated with Snow. I know v. little about The Natural World, a fact that was driven home to me yesterday when I was teaching a poem concerning the death by gunshot of a barn owl by the poet when she was a child. When attempting to draw An Owl on the whiteboard, my all-knowing class informed me that there were over two hundred types of owl. I thought that there was only one, The Wise Owl.
Anyway, what I'm wanting to know is, what does The Zebra symbolise? Camouflage perhaps?


see you there! said...

No my dear, not camouflage. Zebra's symbolize uniqueness. No two are alike, their stripes vary and like human fingerprints each one is different.

UNIQUE, just like you!


Anonymous said...

Darla is right. I googled it. The zebra is a power animal, FYI.