Saturday, April 10, 2010


This week has been a Slack Blogging Week.
I'd love to make lots of Reasonable Excuses followed by a Humble Apology.
Holidays, existential ennui, laziness, procrastination, lack of motivation, desire to do something else for a change, earlier than usual Official Bedtime. A sore hand from too much boxing perhaps.
But I won't bother.

So now I've got a Backlog.
Let's start with over a week ago.
Good Friday to be precise.
What wonderful aromas wafted out of Heidi's apartment when she opened her front door to welcome AJ & Me for her Annual Good Friday Hot Cross Bun Tea Party.

Here am I Inspecting the Buns. They were beautifully soft & moist for a change & bore little resemblance to last year's Offerings which were as hard as rocks, resulting in a chipped tooth.
Perhaps you are thinking that I'm being a little too harsh & self-disclosing. But don't worry, Dear Reader, Heidi doesn't read my blog so I can confidently slag-off her buns with impunity.

I'm sure AJ will be pleased with this photo taken with The Buns. She looks like she could be advertising Powerful Pain Killers or something.
"I haven't got time for Migraines. I've got all these buns to eat.
I recommend 'Migratron'. It really works.
See your doctor if Pain Persists".

Lastly. I had to show you my new sockettes. I'm totally obsessed with them.

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