Tuesday, April 27, 2010

if Its Lanvin, It Must Be Silk

This is going to a v. short post.
More like a Blimp really.
But I just had to show off my Real Vintage Perhaps Silk Lanvin dress that I've been crowing about since last friday when I pounced on it at 'BednobsEtc'.
In fact, I spent the day sashaying around the school hoping that people would notice.
I began early by sidling up to The Head, Miss Bracegirdle with a More than Usually Cheery 'Good Morning'.
Sadly, she didn't appear to notice, although she said 'good morning' back.

But just about enough people noticed & made the right kind of noises to make it All Worthwhile.
I'm sure you're relieved as hell to know this.

Last post I mentioned that I was desperate for the dress to be silk. I searched like crazy all over the dress for a label that said 'Silk in French', whatever that is, but sadly couldn't find anything.
But wonderful Janavi, who is an acclaimed expert in the Field of Clothes, wrote that if it is Lanvin, it must be Silk.
Phew! I'm v. relieved.

Behold, the World's smallest Horse.
Carlotta, knowing my desperate desire to own a Miniature Companion Horse sent me this photo today while I was suffering from Mid-Afternoon Ennui at my desk in the Staffroom.
Talk about a Bonding Experience! All the other English teachers who were similarly suffering Mid-Afternoon Ennuiness, crowded around my school computer & cooed for what seemed like An Age.

Definitely one for the Middleagedteacher Happiness Project.


see you there! said...

Nice dress with that length coat. It is looking fallish - and we are going springish.


Rebecca said...

The dress would have induced an instant response from me had you sidled up to ME with a more than Cheery 'Good Morning'! It's a very lovely sure-to-be-silk(though I'm definitely not an acclaimed expert in the Clothing Field).

Re. the small horse....It just isn't normal somehow. Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm in THIS department.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Darla & Rebecca!
Yes, finally we are getting a little Autumn Action so I can wear the dress. Last week it was the hottest day in April for 88 years in Sydney.
Rebecca - I know what you mean about the horse, but I still love it.
Here's to Fall & Spring!

Gianni said...

The dress is great- so classic. I just posted my Hermes scarf on flickr. Wedding is tomorrow, but I am very calm.

DesiraeF_Creech0709 said...