Friday, April 23, 2010

My Body is My Playground

I do like the title I've given this post.
It was Entirely Serendipitous. A short while ago, I was watching The Style Network, no longer a favourite TV destination for me because, call me Impatient, I got sick of waiting for poor Ruby, the over 400 pound star of the channel, to lose the weight.
Anyway, some Man in the Street was asked on the Style Network by dear old Ruby whether he ate healthy foods. He said Absolutely Not. He only ate junk because, 'My body is my Playground!'
How Reckless! How Cavalier! How Devil May Care!
If only.

Here's me above at this week's 'Boot Camp' Experience.
Who would have thought that doing Plank Pose on a Medicine Ball would immediately make me feel like I'm living inside a Playground?

My friend AJ also joins in. She is desperate to box. A v.v. Important Milestone Birthday is Looming Large for 'ol AJ . So she must box.

I am putting on protective surgical gloves not to perform an internal examination, but to protect my hands from other people's sweat whilst inside the gloves.

I'm still delicately inserting each finger inside the gloves. It was a Tough Operation, nearly as demanding as the boxing itself.
Note my Sporting Top. Its a Stella McCartney for Adidas that I thrifted at BednobsEtc'.
I was thrilled.
A real Celebrity Designer meets a Real Sporting Brand. A marriage made in Sporting Heaven. Now I definitely have Boot Camp Cred, I thought.
Sadly, my fellow 'BootCampers' all queried Stella's use of the Puff Sleeve as a suitable style for a Serious Sporty Type.

Finally, I box. Who would have thought that the Puff Sleeve would be perfect for boxing? Note the way it hugs my upper arm & accentuates my Soon to be Bulging Muscles.
But more importantly, note the arms on Miss Jay, the Games Mistress from School. I want those Exact Arms.
Miss Jay has been accepted to run in the New York Marathon this November & not Anybody can go in it. You have to be good. I am soo hoping that some of this will rub off.
And in closing, I've just found out that my Monday evening Yoga Instructor, Kiren, also teaches Nicole Kidman.


Rebecca said...

You are definitely associating with impressive people! I know it will only be a matter of time before you are running with endurance and sporting arms featuring Bulging Muscles--all accomplished while wearing Puff Sleeves! I shall be watching N.K. to see if celebrities pick up the Puff Sleeve fashion.

Anonymous said...

It's great!!..................................................

Gianni said...

Wonderful that you are doing this. My arms need help too, but any exercise for them hurts my neck- what to do???