Monday, April 19, 2010

Thrifted Holiday Outfits with Exciting Names

Outfit #1: 'Not Ninety Nine'.
You may be relieved to know, Dear Reader, that it is the end of the holidays.
I am now Officially Back at School although Without Students.
That comes tomorrow.
I must must must Blog V. Fast so that I can watch an episode of 'The Inspector Allyne Mysteries', an obscure British crime series by Dame Ngaio (pronounced Nao) Marsh, dramatised many years ago by the ever-reliable BBC & generously lent to me by Trixie who recently found a DVD copy & pounced on it I'm sure because she knew I liked it so much & she had a Gift Voucher to use up & didn't know what else to get with it.
What a long sentence. But sadly, not nearly as long as some of my students manage.
Recently, I counted a sentence by a Year 7 student that went for seventeen lines. I now realise what an incredible achievement that was. Perhaps she is really 'Gifted & Talented' after all.

Anyway, after I watch 'Inspector Allyne', I want to hop into bed & get to sleep in a twinkling which is something that I've had unusual success with lately. Perhaps its the Boxing.
And then I want to wake up v. early so I can swot up on 'Frankenstein' which I'm teaching with 'Bladerunner' first thing tomorrow morning & I can't remember a thing.
In fact the whole idea of teaching tomorrow seems rather Strange & Alienating. Like the last time I did it was a Lifetime ago & I'm scratching my head to remember.
Maybe its because I spent the Entire Holiday Feverishly Thrifting at 'BednobsEtc'.
And I do mean Feverishly. There is a reason for my Feverishness but I'm not telling now as its too unsettling. Maybe later when I've gotten over it. But then again, I've never successfully gotten over anything in my life.

Let me Walk You through some of my Holiday Highlights.
First cab off the rank if you can be bothered to scroll back to the first photo is a true vintage coat. Perhaps it could be called a Trench. It sadly Stunk O' Damp. I sent it to the Dry Cleaners but it still has a Slight Whiff O' Damp. The Knowledgeable Dry Cleaning Lady told me that I needed to hand wash it first.
Absolutely Not. I'd rather put up with the Damp.
I've called this outfit 'Not Ninety Nine' in honour of the fab 'Ninety-Nine' in 'Get Smart'. I'm sure she had a coat similar to this one but I bet it didn't Stink 0'Damp. When I was a kid, I wanted to look like her, but I definitely didn't want to be with Maxwell Smart. What a mistake.

Outfit #2: 'Me & Agnes B'.
I nearly wet my pants last week when Gabe, the manager of 'BednobsEtc' said that I could have this genuine Agnes B skirt for fifteen bucks instead of thirty, which was the marked price.

Outfit #3": 'Dolce & Me'.
I have become a Compleat Label Whore. I just couldn't not thrift this probably A Little Too Butch 'Dolce & Gabbana' top which sadly only had enough room on it to say, 'Dolce & Gabb'. I'm wearing it with a skirt I thrifted last year at a v. large so-called 'Vintage' store in Berkeley, Ca whose name I now can't remember along with anything about 'Frankenstein', but perhaps it had the word 'Buffalo' in it.

Outfit #4: 'Morticia Middleagedteacher'.
I hope you get the reference to Morticia Addams from 'The Addams Family'. When I was a kid I vowed that I'd grow up to be as Cool as a Cucumber just like her, but without the Creepy & Cloying husband Gomez.
But maybe I'm more Lily Munster. Which would dovetail beautifully into 'Frankenstein' as her husband Herman was modelled on Boris Karloff's monster.
All roads Lead back to Mary Shelley.
Or perhaps more accurately, back to Cheesy Old Sitcoms.
Anyway, I'm wearing a lace 'Wayne Cooper' dress which was a major thrifting coup because Our Wayne is Australian Designer Royalty.

Outfit #5: 'What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas'.
Sadly, there's not a designer in site in this outfit. And it probably shows. But I just couldn't resist the Satiny Blingy Busty Top that I've teamed with a Slightly Slutty skirt that has echoes of Wild Animal Print. I am standing in a rather unfortunate pose with my toes pointing in as if I'm channeling Waif or Street Urchin. It was an accident.


Rebecca said...

Sometimes MY toes point Oddly & Accidentally, too. I had an experience with Stunk O Damp myself - although it was more Stunk o Smoke now that I think about it. It was a T shirt in the all-you-can-stick-into-a-bag-for-$1. It looked brand new and was my husband's size so I stuck it in. (Fortunately, it did not Transfer the smell to the other items!) I DID handwash it--several times. And eventually it DID remove the smell.

I really like the Agnes B skirt! You're going back to the WhiteBoard with some great "new" outfits!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Rebecca! Yes, its back to that Whiteboard tomorrow morning! I'm just finishing watching my DVD & off to bed in a jiffy!
Actually, I would prefer smoke to damp.

see you there! said...

Heh! I attached my comment to the previous post instead of this one.

More Coffee ! ! !