Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Holding Out For the Resurrection

1. The Phenomenon of Easter
Here above are my Easter Decorations.
Not only do these hens look entirely realistic, if perhaps a little small, they sound realistic as well. If you press a button underneath the scarily lifelike Nest, a loud 'Cockadoodledo' comes out.
I'm soo kicking myself because I didn't treat my guests at last nite's 'Mad Men' dinner to this. It would have been wonderful to have all three sets of hens 'Cockadoodling' in unision. And I'm sure everyone, including the neighbours would have absolutely loved it.
As it was, the hens were the Talking Point of the evening. Everyone admired them & also marvelled at how I always manage to find Undiscovered Gems at Two Dollar Shops, which is where I purchased them.

It's now Easter Monday nite. The Easter Super Long Weekend is almost at an end.
What a relief. It appears that I managed to get through it without suffering too much Existential Ennui, which has persistently been a feature of My Easters over the years.
Perhaps I over-identify too much with The Cruxificion, which apparently I can't spell.
I need to move along to The Resurrection.
In Australia we appear to Really Really Observe Easter which is slightly strange because we're not known as being v. interested in religion & we've got one of the lowest Church attendances in the World. Oh, I do soo love sounding authoritative.
I'm going to be sounding authoritative more often. And you'll believe everything I say.

2. Walking You Through The Australian Easter:
1. Everything shuts on Good Friday.
2 Most people have the day off.
3. Everywhere is like a Morgue.
4. Easter Monday is shut too.
5. The weather always starts to get a tiny bit Autumnal. My mother always called it 'Easter Weather'. This year was no exception.

3. Skulls Are Hot Right Now.
Look above. This beautiful young woman, whose name I think is Georgia is wearing a v. charming necklace. I spotted her across a somewhat crowded room at the closing of Sydney's inaugural 'Art Month' on Wednesday before Easter Set In. From a distance I thought she was wearing Kitchen Implements. You know, like pots & pans & spatulas & knives.
She wasn't. They're skulls.
And then on sunday when I was admiring a gorgeous Winter Jacket for perhaps a two year old made by a friend Neridah, I noticed that the buttons were tiny silver skulls.
I was Slightly Shocked. But why should we shield our Young Ones from the Realities of Death, I ask you?

3. Barefoot in Black.
Here's what I've been wearing mostly this Easter. I purchased it on thursday at 'BednobsEtc' before they closed for the Entire Length of Easter. It is a cozy 'Cue' dress with a hood. It has a slight Fleecy Feel to it. Which is entirely appropriate for that little hint of Autumn.


see you there! said...

The chickens are wonderful and the fact that they crow makes them even better.

You are wearing a dress I'd love to own. Looks perfect for entertaining on a long weekend.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Hi Darla, I hope you had a great Easter!

Rebecca said...

Your cozy "Cue" dress looks very comfortable and is attractive, too. "Easter/autumn" seems like an oxymoron (which I have as much trouble spelling as crucifixion. BTW, don't you stumble over resurrection, too?) to me--since here it is associated strongly with springtime....

Hint: Try reading the above leaving OUT the parenthetical comment if you can't make any sense out of my comment.