Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'd Like Everything, Including My Life to Be in 3D

This is the last of the Backlog.
Yesterday Trixie & I went to see 'The Men Who Stare at Goats'.
We both really liked it, although I would have liked it far more if it was in 3D which is my new favourite thing. I want everything, including My Own Life to be in 3D. It would add sooo much more to everything. I'm even thinking of going to see 'Nanny McPhee' because its in 3D. And perhaps even 'Clash of the Titans', which I'm told is a stinker.

Like every other cliche-ridden woman in the world, I am obsessed with George Clooney. I would love for him to stare at me, not in horror, but in fascination.
The closest I have ever got to a Hollywood Star looking at me was a few years ago at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art's restaurant.
I was lunching with a v. deluded female friend when I looked over & realised that the 'In Treatment' actor, Gabriel Byrne & an unidentified female were seated at the next table. When my food arrived, Gabriel leaned over & asked me what it was.
'Chicken Kiev', I replied.
'I'll have that too', he smilingly said to the waiter who was attentively hovering.
My V. Deluded Female Friend then moaned in a loud whisper, 'Why can't I find someone like that?'
'Because you're not Ellen Barkin', I hissed back.


Gianni said...

Sue, I am living seen him yet, but am on the lookout.they recently found the body of a woman from our village in Lake Como,right near his Villa.Was her husband of course.

Gianni said...

Sue, that was from me, Jana-

Gianni said...

I meant to say we are 3 miles from him, Jana

Della Street Dreaming said...

OMG Jana! How wonderful! It must be just wonderful there!
Tell me if you see him. I believe he's just broken up with his non-English speaking girlfriend that he took to the Oscars!
Who would have thought this time, would it be two years ago? that you'd be living near Lake Como?
love Sue

see you there! said...

I haven't seen any of the new 3-D movies. I just keep remembering the long ago old ones where they gave you a special pair of crummy glasses to wear while you watched the movie.

Darla (the ancient)