Monday, May 25, 2009

Glaringly Garish Golden Gems

Of course I had to post a picture of myself next to the Tropical Fish Tank in the perfume department at 'David Jones'. 
In case you haven't read the previous post, I was Sampling Smells with MBF Marge who is visiting Sydney to see her 96 year old mother, Aileen, who I will feature in an upcoming entry. It's rather a novelty having a Mother That Old. But that's a whole other story, not this one.
Anyway, look at me.
Marge took the photo.  I look Slightly Dwarfed because she is so much taller than me. So she's forever looking down on me. But only physically, not in any other way. Ever.
But I'd love you to click on the photo to enlarge it so you could see the wonderful golden costume jewellry that Marge bought for me from an interesting garage sale she recently attended in Thousand Oaks, California.
 A Fish Pendant & two bracelets all made from the most Glaringly Garish Faux Gold imaginable! 
The garage sale was a kind of Deceased Estate. A old woman who had flown planes in WW2 with a whole lot of other women when they were not  old, recently died. I hope I'm getting this right. But I think they flew the planes. Maybe they built them. Or Something. But, in any event, these women  did one helluva job that was of course afterwards Completely Ignored & Forgotten. Like all the other brave women of WW2, after the war, they had to pack up their Flying Outfits & their Tool Boxes & pretend it all never happened. 
But this Woman didn't quite do that. I think she became a prominent person in aviation or something. Anyway, she had a husband but no children. So when she recently died, she left the contents of the house, which was apparently bulging with stuff, to Kindly Neighbours who've had about a thousand garage sales to get rid of it all. Marge only got wind of it all at the tail end, but  managed to grab these Still With the Tags On Golden Gems ,possibly from the seventies. 
I'm thrilled.


rozetta said...

I have a friend who was one of the women pilots during WWII. Since, all the pilots were directly involved with flying combat missions, the women ferried bombers across the Atlantic to Europe. They delivered hundreds a day. They were never considered army vets until a few years, ago. They did wear uniforms and she still fits into hers. 400 miles from the English coast they would be escorted into England by British spitfires, since the Germans would try to shoot them down. The airplanes had sun domes, so that if the instrument panels went out they could guide themselves by the stars. She got word that her husband was shot down over Burma. She was only 21, at the time.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Rozetta!
What an amazing story.

see you there! said...

Love your new jewels and the story that goes with them just makes them all the more interesting.