Monday, May 4, 2009

Shoes in Real Life.

I just had to show off some v. cheap shoes. I came across them last friday for one dollar at a clothing stall that 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' thrift store has out in the street twice weekly. Of course I'll probably never wear them. 
Actually, I Will Make an Effort to Wear Them because I've made a commitment to  having a hint of Slight Sluttiness in my everyday appearance from now on.  It may bring good luck.

I'm not sure why I posted the photo of my genuine vintage 'Saks Fifth Avenue' Young Elite Shop shoes that I bought at the Salvation Army Depot in Thousand Oaks California last July. I think it was to show off the label which you can hardly see. But you get the picture, don't you?


see you there! said...

Cute shoes. I have a couple pair that I can no longer wear (heels too high) but I can't seem to part with them either.


Mervat said...

You show off, you!

Absolutely love the look of the wrap dress, *those* leggins and the (not-so) slutty shoes!

Sheila said...

I love that dress and those shoes on you! Sue, you are outdoing yourself lately.

I have a thing for vintage shoes - I have two pairs that I haven't even photographed for my blog. I never wear them (but I have worn them).