Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Raining Thrift! Hallelujah!

I've gone Totally Overboard on my New Slightly Slutty Look. In fact, I've become so stuck on it that it's affected my usually Impeccable Judgement. 
This morning I breezed into the staffroom & found my colleagues gathered around Our Leader, The Head of English. We all love her.  I'm not saying this to suck up or anything because I absolutely know she doesn't read this. She's far too busy.  
Her rather classic & understated style is often amped up by the addition of an Indian pashmina or an interesting piece of statement jewellry. 
But this morning, The Head of English had her ash blonde shoulder length hair out, not tied behind with a clip. It also looked  Blow-Dried. Straight.
'Ah', I began, 'I can see that you too are Embracing Slightly Slutty.'
The Head of English stared at me.  My colleagues collectively Snorted.
I scurried back to my desk.


My Best Friend Marge has been following my Ascent into Slightly Slutty & has filled  me with Praise. She thinks the key to it is definitely The Shoes. Marge quotes The Wise, ObiOneCanobi from 'Star Wars', Sir Alec Guinness who said that he always established a character from the shoes up & that once he got them right, it was plain sailing!
I wonder what shoes he wore in 'Star Wars'? I imagine grey felt Moroccan Slippers , that were slightly turned up at the end like Elf  shoes. 
Talking of shoes, look above at my Italian Leather boots I bought at 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' thrift shop on saturday. I honestly can't believe the truckloads of stuff I've been getting lately.   
Oh, by the way, everything I'm wearing, including the cute 'Pringle' man's zip-up cardigan was also from 'Bednobs'.

Of course I believe that My Poor Dead Mother is somehow or other cosmically arranging for these items to be coming my way. 
I know that sounds nutty, but I've always thought that Mum, who died over two decades ago, is watching over me & helping me. Since Mr Ex-Middleaged left, I've asked her so many times to help me. And I feel that her main area of help at present is in My Appearance. She was always obsessed with how I looked, so it kind of makes sense. And what's a little strange is, that although she certainly wouldn't have gone along with Slightly Slutty, she certainly thought that the key to an outfit was The Shoes.

Before I finish, I must draw your attention to the earrings in the first photo. And thank, fellow teacher, sandrabollocks for sending them to me as a birthday gift. 


see you there! said...

The boots are definately a keeper for the New You. The stripes are altogether too proper tho.

I'd love to have seen the look the Head of English gave you when you mentioned she had embraced Slutty.


Sheila said...

Those are awesome boots! And I love your hair up like that.

I laughed - I bet the Head looked funny when you said that.

sandrabollocks said...

I love the earrings remixed here- you have an eye for colour and detail. Last week my fluro red stockings a la "Gossip Girl" arrived from my ebay seller. Talk about being noticed and with an element of slutty. One of the 50+ yr old Special Ed teachers asked me if I thought she was too old to wear them herself...I said "Don't be stupid!Go forth and wear I say!"

sally_dedear said...

hi sue, i love della street dreaming and will pass it on to lydia. thanks for you vibrancy at the markets and for your great posts. sal