Monday, May 4, 2009

Room 101

By now, many of you would have completely forgotten about Mr. Ex-Middleaged. And some of you may never have heard of him. 
I don't blame you. I haven't mentioned him lately. But now it's time I did.
Here's the Executive Summary: Nine months ago, Mr. Middleaged (as he was then known) quite suddenly & unexpectedly left me after fourteen years. We had had a successful blended family with his two boys & my daughter who are now all in their early twenties. But by this time, we were Empty Nesters.
In his haste to leave, Mr. Ex-Middleaged (as he then became known) left behind a number of interesting looking bottles. I left them exactly as He had left them rotting in the bathroom cabinet. I also left the few remaining 'Gant' & 'Brooks Brothers' business shirts hanging in the wardrobe, as well as a whole bulging drawer of 'Calvin Klein' & 'Hugo Boss' underwear. It was a bit like when a child dies & the parents leave their bedroom exactly as they had left it. 
But last week I was suddenly driven to completely clean out the bathroom cabinet. I don't know what came over me, but whatever it was, I loved it. It was such a Cleansing Almost Rite of Passage.
I was going to turf out the bottles. But they looked so gorgeous, I couldn't bring myself to to do it. Plus, some of the bottles still had stuff in them, like the Tom Ford Perfume which is the black bottle next to Superman. Personally, I can't stand the smell. It Smells Smug.  But it was expensive. 

So, I decided to keep them on a shelf in the bathroom as a Homage to Scented Men. I've placed some of my favourite action figures around them just to give them a context. I just love that Smarmy Prince Charming from 'Shrek' who's sitting on top of the 'Calvin Klein' deodorant. But my personal favourite is  Ron Weasley from 'Harry Potter' who seems to be threatening the John Varvatos bottle.

And here's some more Recent Decorating Touches.
I just love Shop Dummies. I'd love to have a whole room of them to display all my necklaces. Now that's something to aspire to!
I bought the slimline torso a few weeks ago at the second hand shop across the road from 'Bednobs & Broomsticks', my Treasure Trove of a thrift shop. I hope it's not overkill. It's in my bedroom.
And below is a Homage to Fake featuring a combination of fake flowers bought at a two dollar shop & the real thing. I bet you can't tell the difference. Of course, I couldn't help but show off the view of the tail-end of Sydney's CBD from the window.


see you there! said...

You've arranged a wickedly clever display with those bottles. I'm afraid I'd have emptied out all signs of the Ex by now tho.

Your shop dummies I'd keep.


janavi said...

I love the way you have managed to be creative with the detritus of the relationship. I might have had a big bonfire.

Elfcookie said...

1. Mr. Ex sounds like an ass. His loss, you rock.
2. I agree with janavi, you've done great things with his left-behind stuff. I think I may have put it all in the street and run it over with my car several times.

BTW, I'd keep the shop dummies too