Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rivers of Gold

I'm more than usually excited about today's post because I've actually got some genuinely interesting photos of Other People  instead of the usual endless Wardrobe Shots of me either standing next to The Potholder in the kitchen or in front of The Sacred Whiteboard in the classroom. 
You may recall that I had a stall at the Rozelle Markets on sunday with The Ex-School Nurse & her gamin daughter, Guinevere, who is featured in the above photo, on the right. She looks so fab & interesting, particularly after she layered her striped top with one of my own castoffs, a little reversible jacket by Australian, but really Japanese designer, Akira Isogawa. Next to Guinevere is is Belle Fleur. She is wearing a dress that she had made up in Vietnam. Belle had always wanted a Sailor Dress (perhaps echos of 'Gigi'?) but she had some difficulty in communicating what one looked like to the seamstress. So, it's an Approximation of a Sailor Dress. I thought it was wonderful.
Throughout the day, I had such fun bragging to all our customers that I taught both these girls when they were in Year 10. I'm sure people were thrilled.

And then there's Little Lolita above. I definitely didn't teach her. 

And The Red & Black Lady. She is also not one of my ex-students, but I was flattered that she bought this bag from me because I thought she looked so beautifully put together & stylish.
In fact, I was amazed that anybody bought anything. I tipped bags & bags & bags of clothes on to a trestle table that looked like an enormous pile of Dirty Washing. People spent ages happily ferreting through it all while ignoring a fairly well-organised clothes rack that  I placed across from  it. Maybe flicking through a clothes rack isn't as exciting as Digging Deep for Bargains with the thought that there could be a Hidden Brand lurking underneath.
And talking of brands, don't people just love them? I had a number of really daggy old Von Trotska & Allanah Hill (Australian designers) dresses that were snapped up immediately by Salivating Shoppers. But then I had a pure wool pleated 'Jaegar' skirt that I thought people would go nuts over.  One v. picky woman examined it closely & immediately pointed to a Moth Hole. When I said she could have it for five bucks she sniffed & walked off. I was mortified.

And here I am in front of the clothes rack. See how well-organised & tame it is. Absolutely No Thrill of the Chase . 
And when many of the dresses  hung there all day just Longing to be picked up & taken off to a New Life, I felt sad. Why didn't people want them, I wondered?
But I'm creating the wrong impression.
In fact, many items were sold & I spent quite a while at home counting notes & golden coins. But sadly not enough to have my teeth Professionally Cleaned.

Here I am again with Belle Fleur trying not to look like a Tarot Card Reader.
But by far the most exciting outfit of the day was worn by Hamish, below. He is fifteen, & attends a kind of  'Fame' School for Performing Arts. But he's also a part of the Australian Junior Equestrian Team which accounts for the one riding boot that he had on which I now realise you can't see. He had on a Mocassin or maybe a Boat Shoe on the Other Foot. He was also wearing a kilt. Or maybe it was just a pleated tartan skirt.

Violet Lady. I just loved the huge bunch of violets that she stuck on her beret. And not forgetting the Parasol. She had an enormous amount of Red Xmas Balls in her bag. Getting in early, I guess.

I was sooo thrilled when this fabulously stylish lady, whose son (on the right) dragged her into Our Nest & made her buy him a singlet covered with pictures of Mao that looked simply horrible on me. Who wants to wear a Nasty Dictator anyway? 
The Stylish Lady  is one half of wonderful Australian brand, 'Easton Pearson' & I guess she's Head to Toe in it.  
I tried hard not to be too envious or jealous or in fact to Compare Myself. 
I nearly succeeded.

I'm getting a little fed up with this now. It's taking forever & I need to finish so that I can get in front of the bathroom mirror to  examine my newly tinted & shaped eyebrows which I hope is in the style of Michele Obama.  I want Mobrows. At least, that what  I think  they're called. I also had my eyelashes tinted which may add to my New Slightly Slutty Look & may stand me in good stead when I have a meeting with Mr. Ex-Middleaged this coming thursday. Hopefully, I wont cry. But if I do, I can be secure in the knowledge that they'll be no Nasty Black Rivers running down my face.

So now I'll be brief. Look at her bakelite twenties brooches. Fab eh?

Look at the masterful way that The Ex-School Nurse handles customers. She's on the left.

And lastly, Look at Me.


lynn said...

What FUN! Your shots are so inspiring I may stop looking at Sart all together.

sandrabollocks said...
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sandrabollocks said...

Hi Della, it looks like you had an awesome time and it was such a glorious day! There are loads of interesting ppl at the markets, that's why I go to one nearly every week! I will let you know def re when I'll be at Glebe. I'm helping out a friend who has just started up a jewellery stall. I have the Film Festival on at the same time so will have to coordinate around that.

see you there! said...

What a great place to spend the day shopping. Sounds like you sold a few things too.


Sheila said...

It sounds like it was marvelously fun! I would have gone through your dress rack, for sure. I love all the pictures of the funky people, esp. Hamish and the lady with the fabulous jacket (the 1/2 of the designer person).

And I'm dying of curiousity: you deleted a comment! What was it??

Fleur said...

Aloha Middle Age Teacher, Belle Fleur here! Love the snaps from Saturday, I think Hamish takes the cake. Never really thought about it before but I think Gigi is definitely a subliminal style influence of mine! Spot on! My blog is www.talkingteasel.blogspot.com and you have inspired me, in my next post I’m going to gush about some of my current style icon obsessions! Lovely to see you and keep up the good work, love the blog! x

sandrabollocks said...

Hi guys,

I made a spelling typo mistake and from one English teacher to another, corrected it and deleted the original!

Not that exciting!