Monday, May 25, 2009

An Trip Down Olfactory Memory Lane

I must admit that I got a Slight Shock when I glanced at the date of my last entry. 
Last Tuesday. And where I live it's already Monday night almost bedtime.
Practically a week.
Of course, owing to my Strict Rule  of Never Defend Never Explain, I am not going to Say Anything. 
Except, look at that wonderful snap of MBF Marge who is currently visiting Sydney on a v. short whirlwind trip to visit her 96 year old mother, Aileen.
No, she's not visiting the Sydney Aquarium. We would never do that. 
We were in the Cosmetics Section of 'David Jones', a large department store that has been around for centuries & prides itself on being Exclusively Snotty with Absolutely Nothing to Back it Up. 
 We were poking around  the crap perfume section which has more Tropical Fish in it than actual bottles of perfume. But I must say, that until the Bad Smell Under her Nose 'Dior' shop assistant came up & started commandeering the testers , we were having a great time.
It was a kind of Olfactory Trip Down Memory Lane, where we started with the newly-revamped Miss Dior 'Cherie' that smells Totally Wonderful , before moving on to 'Diorella' & then 'Diorescence', which reminded us both of the seventies, we thought. Maybe. 
It's funny about Smells. They're capable of immediately transporting you to some other time & place in a nanosecond. But I just couldn't quite remember when & where. 
Anyway, I far prefer these Old Dior Smells to slightly newer ones like the aptly-named, 'Poison', or any Smell that Paris or Brittany have lent their name to. So, do yourself a favour & rush straight to the Dior counter & smell them. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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Kasmira said...

I'm embarrased to say that I really like (and even own) Britney Spears' Curious perfume. That's really the only thing I like about Britney.