Saturday, May 16, 2009

To Market To Market to Lay a Fat Egg

I'm Almost, but not quite, Half-Crazed. 
It's saturday night just before eight. I've just posed on a pile of clothes & bags that hopefully I will sell tomorrow at the Rozelle Markets. 
By the way, I can't believe the Half-Arsed way I'm posing like I'm just about to star in my v. own MILF Film (Rude Films with Middleaged Mums having sex) - like  I'm a  salivating middleaged woman hungrily waiting for the Pizza Delivery Man to arrive with a Salami Pizza. Or maybe the plumber who's going to Unclog the Drain. 
Let me assure you, Nothing is Further from My Mind.
As soon as I finish writing this post, I'm going to cram all that stuff & more into newly-purchased plastic checked Homeless People's  zippered bags. Then I'm going to lug them about a hundred metres  to the Kings Cross Car Park where my car is stored on a lower level. And then I'm going to pop them into the Boot, or Trunk if I was in North America, but I'm not, so it's The Boot. Maybe I'll have to make a number of trips.
Then I have to immediately Get into Bed & turn the light off. Hopefully by 9.30. This is my New Official Bedtime because I read a book by rubber-faced ex-actress, but expert on ageing, Suzanne Somers who said that we all should go to bed at that time because all the Hateful Cortisol or whatever that makes us look a hundred & poisons us, leaves our bodies most effectively if we're asleep well & truly before twelve. Hope she's right.
Then I have to get to the market which is across town by 8.05 am. sunday morning.
I'm sharing the stall with my friend the Ex-School Nurse & her beautiful daughter, Guinevere, who incidentally I used to teach many moons ago. They are super-stylish & organised. 
I'm definitely hoping that some of that will rub off on me.
I have not much of an idea of what to charge for things. 


see you there! said...

So how did the market day go? Did you buy more than you sold?


Sheila said...

What a fun time! I hope you sell lots!

I love your pose. Fits right in with your Slight Sluttiness.

sandrabollocks said...

How crazy! I was selling my Peruvian earrings at the Danebank Fair on Sat and helping a friend run her Jewellery stall. I just read this and couldn't have come down if I had read it earlier bc I was at the Million Paws Walk. Post up earlier next time! I'll be at Glebe markets 6th June if yr around!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Sandra - Glebe Markets, you say! I haven't been there for ages. So I'll make a point of coming. I suppose you don't know what part of the market you'll be at this stage?