Saturday, May 30, 2009

Super Advanced Style

Some time ago, people who thought they understood my taste directed me to Advanced Style, a Sartorialisty street fashion blog for Old Folks. 

I looked at it a couple of times & was Mildly Horrified.
 Is this me, I wondered? And where the hell do I put the question mark in a sentence like that, I also wondered?
It wasn't just the fact that I found Advancing Age creepy, but I actually didn't like The Elderly Outfits. The men looked like they were all out of the Original Broadway Cast of 'Guys & Dolls' & the women looked like Tarot Card Readers or Giant Cabbages or Strawberries. Or Oversized Lavender Bushes. 
I know that sounds 'Way Harsh' (I'm teaching the film 'Clueless' at the minute) but that's how 
I felt about Advanced Style. 
Until about Five Minutes ago. I just took another look & I've Almost, but Not Quite, Completely Changed my Mind, which is one of the great benefits from having a Flexible Outlook. 
OK, I still think that some of the women are Dressed as Vegetables (there's this one lady, who only ever wears green in a practical but stylish way,  but she really really looks like a Bunch, not a Stick of Celery), but just about everyone looks really interesting & creative & fun. 
And maybe having a half-ways decent fun time.
Like the Lady Artist above with the Snowy Hair & the red glasses. Her name is Sue & I'm totally crazy about the wonderful necklace she's wearing. Definitely worth double clicking on & enlarging. Go on & do it.
Next double click on Me & Aileen. 
We & her two children, David & MBF Marge were off to see 'Chicago' last sunday for Aileen's 96th birthday. 
In the photo Aileen looks like an Elf, I think partly due to her size & the new white beret perched jauntily on her white head. 
I've known Aileen since I was about nine or ten. I remember thinking then that she was as Old as the Hills. I was wrong.  In fact, she was quite a bit younger then than I am now.
Apart from winning the award for being the Oldest Person I have ever known, Aileen also wins the award for Finding the Most Designer Labels at a Thrift Shop. She has been a dedicated thrifter for as long as I've known her & was famous for unearthing prized gems from the Nastiest Places. 
Talking of Thrift, I am Top to Toe in it - Toy LouisLouis bowling bag, Real Bally Pumps, 'Country Road' shirt & nameless Dowager Navy Skirt. 
I'm actually not too sure about this outfit. It's supposed to be part of my new 'Slightly Slutty' look, but I think I'm trying too hard with the Camellia & the pearls. After the show, we had a snack in the disgusting adjoining casino.  Marge later told me that an elderly man who was sitting glued to a huge tv screen watching football & playing keno looked me up & down a number of times whilst licking his lips. 
I'm never wearing that outfit again.


see you there! said...

The lady in the red glasses has a great smile, looks like someone I'd like to meet. I agree A.S. shows some pretty weird old people. I'm an expert you know since I'm just as old as a lot of them (did I honestly say that?).

Maybe I should delete this comment.


rabespierre said...

this is a fantastic post! your writerly blogging style (bloggy writing style?) is really coming into its own in an awesome way. hope things are good with you!! xx hilary

Mervat said...

As lovely as the outfit is, your smile, those lovely locks and beautiful eyes make you an absolute bombshell! Stunning!

But the thought of an old man licking is lips horrifies me as I am sure it did you!