Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flower Heads

Behold Princess Pip!
She came to school yesterday with a whole mess of flowered head pieces. I'm not sure why. Perhaps she taught her classes about What to Wear on Your Head to the Races.
Anyway, when I saw them casually sitting on her desk in the staffroom, I immediately pounced.

I just had to put them on myself.
What a mistake. It absolutely proves my theory that Middleagedwomen shouldn't wear things on their heads.
Perhaps a sunhat. But only if Its Strictly Necessary.
But certainly not Flowers in Hair. I think that the rule should be, if you're old enough to remember Woodstock, you're too old to wear flowers in your hair now.
God I love a Rule.
Particularly a rule that I make up myself. It's soo empowering.

Now don't think that I'm going to make any Self-loathing remarks about Discoloured Teeth or Bags Under the Eyes. Certainly Not.

Note I'm wearing a peacock feather above. I warned Princess Pip against wearing this one as I was told that peacock feathers are unlucky.
But maybe that's an Old Resentful Wives Tale. Who would know?


eednic said...

i have a friend that wears a lot of decorative headbands and they are so fun! i like that peacock one you are wearing the best of those displayed here.

Diana said...

Well I actually thought that the peacock feather looked pretty good on you! I say go for it.
Love Di

Blogging Babe said...

I think the ruffly black chiffon flower looked tasteful because it works well with your hairstyle...you're walking a fine line, wearing headwear-a balance between looking silly/wacky or narcisistic at the other extreme...

Rebecca said...

I'm rolling on the floor here. This is too funny. Myself? I remember Woodstock and think your rule is a good one.